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Terra Classic Zaradar Bashes User Says L1 Team is Not Anonymous


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A community member alleges that developers are unprofessional.

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Tobias Andersen, aka Zaradar, a full-time senior developer on the Terra Classic Joint Layer 1 Task Force, has taken a jab at a community member for allegedly not doing his research, asserting that most members of the core development team are doxed and not anonymous developers.

Zaradar did this in a tweet yesterday in response to a community member who called out developers for using cartoon Twitter profile pictures and aliases. According to the community member, it is unprofessional and drives away potential investors.

However, Zaradar, in response, called out the community member for failing to do his research.

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“Everyone in the L1 team, except for one person, is more or less doxed if you actually bothered  to do more research then what you read on Twitter,” Zaradar tweeted.

Recall that the Joint Layer 1 Task Force was formed in December with a plan to carry out necessary maintenance upgrades on the Terra Classic network. The community earmarked over $141k in community pool funds to fund the team’s operations in Q1 2023.

Per a tweet from Zaradar in February, the team includes himself, Edward Kim, Fragwuerdig (@frag_dude), The Vinh Nguyen (@TheVinhNguyen4), LuncBurnArmy (@LuncBurnArmy), Zorro Rebelde (@elzorrorebelde) real name Jorge Araya Navarro, Ragepiee (@Ragepiee) real name Frank, and the biggest enigma “Superman.” 

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Despite Zaradar’s assertions, it is worth noting that not much is known about some team members, with the biggest enigma being Superman, as there is no social media presence at all. In a January tweet, Zaradar described him as the primary Cosmos developer of the team. 

At the same time, despite the assertions from the community member, it appears that businesses are open to working with the Terra Classic chain. As reported this week, businesses are looking to integrate a Terra Classic software development kit that will allow them to accept Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) payments.

As reported in January, Joint Layer 1 Task Force developers are already ahead of schedule for their Q1 targets. The team has rolled out at least two major maintenance upgrades in the last two months.

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