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XRP Ledger Foundation Releases Updated UNL Now Boasting 36 Validators


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It made three additions from community-owned validators.

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The XRP Ledger Foundation (XRPLF) has updated its Unique Node List (UNL), increasing the number of validators trusted by the foundation from 34 to 36.

The group revealed this in a tweet today. Notably, the last time the XRPLF updated its UNL was in January, when the list was reduced from 35 to 34. In January, the number of Ripple-owned validators was reduced from two to one in line with its one validator per entity policy. The XRPLF initially reduced this number to two in October. Nonetheless, it bears mentioning that the blockchain payments company incentivizes most university-run validators. 

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For context, a UNL is a list of validators an XRPL participant trusts not to conspire against them. While each participant on the network can choose their own UNL, it is usually based on a default list by a trusted publisher. Trusted publishers include Ripple and the XRPLF. It is worth noting that the XRPL has over 150 validators that can be chosen from to create a UNL.

In its latest list, the XRPLF made three new additions recognizing the impact of long-standing community validators. The additions include xrp.vet run by pseudonymous xrp.cafe co-founder Vet (@Vet_XO), recall that the NFT marketplace recently received a nod from Ripple Chief Technology Officer David Schwartz, katczynski.net run by Christian Katczynski, and xrpgoat.com run by the pseudonymous XRPGoat.

Conversely, only the coil.com validator was removed from the list. The XRPLF noted that the decision came at the heels of a request from the company. In an open letter last February, Coil disclosed that it would be shuttering its services in February this year as it focuses efforts on building the Interledger Foundation to support the Interledger payment network it developed.

CryptoArsenal (_@CryptoArsenal), a prominent community member, in a quote tweet, provided a full view and graphic representation of the latest XRPLF UNL.

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