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Shiba Inu: Shibarium Testnet Chain ID Officially Changed


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A large-scale FUD campaign targeted the Shiba Inu ecosystem following speculations that the Shibarium code was an exact clone of Rinia.

Shiba Inu’s Shibarium developers have officially changed the Chain ID of the Shibarium testnet to address circulating FUD that had erupted on the heels of speculations that the Shibarium testnet code was a copycat of the Rinia network.

Pseudonymous Unification validator Ringoshi Toitsu called public attention to the development through his Twitter handle today, sharing a snapshot of the reviewed Chain ID.


Per data from the image, the Chain ID of the Shibarium testnet has been changed from 917 to 719. The disclosure is a relief to the Shiba Inu community members, as the widespread FUD that erupted on the back of the clone allegations had triggered a rift in the camp.

Recall that claims of the Shibarium testnet being an exact clone of the Rinia network circulated within the Shiba Inu camp last week. Shibarium developers were accused of just copying the entire codebase of the Rinia testnet and using it for Shibarium’s Puppynet.

Nonetheless, Shiba Inu developer Kaal Dhairya dispelled these claims, noting that the only thing similar between both networks is the Chain ID, as both used 917. However, Dhairya noted that when the Chain ID was picked last year, it had not been taken.

He admitted that he made the mistake of not rechecking immediately before launching Puppynet. As a result, he had no idea it had been used for the Rinia testnet. Dhairya promised to deploy a new version of Puppynet with a new Chain ID to avoid any propaganda or fistfights.

Dhairya’s claims were later corroborated by Firechain testnet developer Krypstein’s exclusive interview with The Crypto Basic on March 16. Krypstein confirmed that the only similar feature between both testnets is the Chain ID, and the Shibarium team did not copy Rinia’s code.

Following the recent Chain ID change, Puppynet is operational as of press time, per data from Puppyscan. The network has now processed 80,644 blocks, boasting an average block time of 5 seconds. Total transactions currently sit at 21, with a daily count of 10.

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