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Casper Association Program Manager Hints at Ripple, XRPL Partnership


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Casper loves XRP.

Ripple is no stranger to partnerships, but it is not very often that the blockchain payments firm partners with native Web3 companies.

Piotr Dziubecki, Casper Association program manager, has hinted at a partnership between Casper and Ripple that would potentially involve the XRP Ledger. The program manager let this slip in an interview with Casper content creator Rekt Wojak at Invest Cuffs 2023 hosted in Poland last week. Notably, both communities already enjoy a strong bond on Twitter. 

Wojack shared the interview on YouTube yesterday. Excerpts from it have since made the rounds on crypto Twitter.

Dziubecki said both parties plan to connect their business development teams to see how the Casper blockchain and the XRP Ledger can work together. Notably, the program manager had the opportunity to meet with Ripple representatives at Paris Blockchain Week, where he said both parties had a productive half-hour conversation.

“You know, we have our own strengths,” Dziubecki said. “And I think it would be a waste to not to utilize this in our synergy.”

Meanwhile, Ripple and the XRP community are not the only ones the Casper Association is open to working with. The program manager also noted that they were also interested in working with Algorand and Hedera.

Casper is something of a rising star in the crypto industry. Casper Labs launched the proof-of-stake (PoS) enterprise blockchain of the same name in May 2021, less than two years ago.

However, with features like upgradable smart contracts, the ability to host permissioned applications, predictable network fees and easy programmability due to WebAssembly (WASM) use, it has appealed to large corporations and government institutions within this short space of time.

Consequently, its list of partners currently includes giants like IBM, Amazon Web Service and Google Cloud. In January, IPwe – an intellectual property management company – tapped it to convert 25 million patents into non-fungible tokens.

It remains to be seen what a Casper and Ripple partnership would entail. However, the communities are excited by the prospect.

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