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Shiba Inu: Winner of First Shibarium Discord XP Giveaway Unveiled


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The XP giveaway initiative began on March 25 to recognize community participation within the Shiba Inu camp.

The first winner of the weekly XP giveaway on the dedicated Shibarium Discord server has just been announced. As previously disclosed, the winner is expected to receive up to 1,000 Discord experience points (XP) and public recognition of their notable contributions to the broader Shiba Inu community.

IntroduceTheBugs, a pseudonymous Shiba Inu community member, was the previous week’s winner. The winner was announced on April 1 by DaVinci, a notable Shiba Inu influencer and an admin on the Shibarium Discord server.

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IntroduceTheBugs was recognized as an influential figure in the community, awarded 1,000 Discord XP points, and had his socials posted for public exposure. “This person has gone above and beyond to help those in need, to provide support and encouragement, and to make our community a better place to live,” DaVinci remarked.

The fellow was also granted the exclusive Shibarmy Legend role on the Shibarium server. Discord server roles are a way to assign different levels of permissions and responsibilities to members of a Discord server. Each role has its own set of permissions on the server and serves as a rank.


XP Giveaway Campaign

The XP giveaway campaign began on March 25 to encourage community participation by recognizing notable contributions from community members. Every week, all community members can nominate someone they feel should be recognized. In addition to the current rewards, better prizes may come for winners.

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Shortly after the announcement of the first winner, notable Shiba Inu community influencer Lucie called attention to the development, encouraging other community members to hop on the initiative.


Recall that Shytoshi Kusama, Shiba Inu’s community-appointed project lead, unveiled the new Shibarium Discord server on March 24 following the escalating FUD surrounding the layer-2 network on the broader Shiba Inu community Discord. Kusama touted the new server as a safe place for all well-meaning members.

The introduction of the XP giveaway campaign is an avenue through which community participation and good conduct can be encouraged in the new Discord server.

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