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Shiba Inu Could See Major Change According to Lead’s Twitter Bio


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Shiba Inu, the lead developer, has teased becoming a ‘Sith.’

Because the blockchain community thrives on social media, a glance at certain sections of Twitter and other apps offers a clue as to the industry’s trajectory. This is especially true in the case of Shiba Inu. After all, who can forget early 2021 when it was propelled to prominence thanks to Elon Musk’s viral tweets about it?

But the latest online activity from one of its leads, Shytoshi Kusama, has gotten tongues wagging. Kusama, who announced a new ‘defense breed’ for Shiba Inu last month, has recently updated his Twitter bio.


A Clue About the Community’s Direction?

Within the Shiba Inu community, it is well-known that Kusama’s Twitter bio is used to drop clues and announce new developments. Some eagle-eyed members have noticed that his new bio says, “very close to becoming a Sith.”

There are several ways to look at this, First, ‘sith’ as a word is the archaic variant of the word ‘since’ used in old English and, according to Dictonary.com, also has the secondary definition of ‘peace.’  But most of us are familiar with its use in the Star Wars franchise as it is the name of the leading antagonist group known to be violent and ruthless in their pursuit of power.

Will Shiba’s Become Siths?

There are several ways that this can be seen. The most likely option is that, in light of the developments taking place in the ecosystem. Kusama intends to become more focused (or ruthless) in the project’s pursuit of dominance. And given its challenges, this approach might not be the wrong one.

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