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LUNC Core Developer Zaradar Officially Leaves Terra Classic


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The Terra Classic core developer was amid a controversy triggered by the latest funding proposal for the team’s Q2 work.

Tobias “Zaradar” Andersen has departed the Terra Classic Layer-1 Joint Task Force (L1JTF) following a highly contentious dispute arising from the team’s recent funding proposal. Notably, the proposal requested $139.5K in funding for the team’s work on the network for Q2 2023. Zaradar was expected to be paid a total of $40.44K over three months ($13.48K × 3 months) as the only full-time developer on the team. Nonetheless, this and the broader funding proposal raised questions from the community.

Zaradar tweeted this Friday, revealing that he will retract his work offer on the Terra Classic blockchain. The developer noted that he no longer considers his involvement’s risk/reward ratio to be worthwhile.


He responded to opinions about the abruptness of his departure, explaining that he had decided over a month before pursuing a new job after Q2 work. He added that leaving earlier meant he would not be involved with the team during Q2. Zaradar further assured that the full truth behind the recent controversy would be revealed, allowing the community to comprehend the extent of his contributions fully.


In addition, he clarified that his decision to leave was not based on payment but rather on the work environment. According to him, the community must understand that keeping their developers happy is necessary to ensure innovation and productivity. He is okay with leaving if his decision will help drive home this point. He also disclosed that he has already secured a new job.


Community Reactions

LuncBurnArmy, the L1JTF’s project manager, expressed disappointment over Zaradar’s departure, acknowledging his significant contributions to the team. Nonetheless, he revealed that a job opening had been created to interview and select a suitable replacement.


Moreover, LuncBurnArmy announced that the L1 team would release a revised version of the Agora funding proposal, excluding Ziggy support and AI side-chain development work. He explained that these elements would be presented in separate proposals. The updated proposal will maintain the same compensation rate for Q1 funding ($141K).

Despite the setback, LuncBurnArmy assured that the remaining members of the L1 team would be able to carry out the required tasks. He also called attention to “whispers” suggesting that other community members want to set up their teams.

In response, Rabbi Jebediah, a LUNC community member, noted that these aren’t just whispers, revealing an Agora proposal for a separate L1 team. The proposal requests $120,000 for the Q2 work, $19,500 short of the first funding demand from the original L1 team.

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