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Terra Classic L1 Releases Q2 Roadmap. LUNC’s journey to $1


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The roadmap includes plans to launch Terra Classic v.2.0.0, open the IBC channel to Kujira and launch Classic Station with fiat on-ramp capabilities.

The Terra Classic Joint L1 Task Force has released the roadmap and required funding for its work on the Terra Classic blockchain for Q2 2023. The roadmap includes notable projects that could help bolster LUNC’s price action on its ultimate journey to $1.

The Q2 Roadmap and Funding proposal were unveiled on Agora by LuncBurnArmy, the project manager for the L1 team.

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Development Work

The Terra Classic roadmap for the second quarter focuses on work dedicated to a few notable projects, including extensive testing of the Terra Classic v.2.0.0 and its launch on the mainnet, deployment of v.2.1.0, and establishing a connection for Terra Classic to work in parity with other Cosmos networks such as Kujira. Notably, v.2.0.0 will be released on the testnet on March 31.

The team also plans to provide technical and development support for the Ziggy USTC re-peg plan, but this will be contingent on regulatory and legal requirements in addition to community governance. They plan to work alongside an L2 team to develop a Classic Station with on-ramp capabilities. This will also depend on a separate proposal.

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In April, the team will focus on conducting further testing on v.2.0.0. After successful tests; the team will schedule for the mainnet launch. Afterward, they will look into some unfinished work and then make changes to the L1 team community oversight team.

In May, the team will begin work on testing v.2.1.0, after which they will schedule to launch it on the mainnet. They will also support the Ziggy USTC re-peg project and open up an Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) channel to Kujira, a blockchain ecosystem domiciled on Cosmos.

In June, the L1 team will release a two-year roadmap outlining plans from Q3 2023 to Q3 2025. They will also work on finalizing further Q2 development work and test on-ramp technologies to be leveraged for Classic Station. The team will then prepare the Q3 budget and set up proposals.

These development works remain on track to support the LUNC revitalization plan. In addition to token burns and staking, the community continues to make conscious efforts to support LUNC’s goal of hitting $1.


The L1 team is soliciting the release of $139.5K to fund the Q2 work. The fund is split among 1 full-time developer, Tobias “Zaradar” Andersen ($13.88K × 3 months), and 3 part-time developers ($6.88K × 3 developers × 3 months).

LuncBurnArmy will also get $6.88K for 3 months. Moreover, 2 junior developers will receive $1.25K for 3 months. The team is also demanding $9K in total OPEX funding. It bears mentioning that Edward Kim is not included in the team for Q2 2023.

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