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XRP Community Reacts To James K. Filan’s Comment, “You’re Screwed”


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Filan tells an XRP fan that she’s “screwed” after he was asked to explain SEC’s latest filings in familiar terms.

Several XRP community members have expressed mixed reactions over a recent comment by former United States federal prosecutor attorney James K. Filan. 

What Happened?

It all started after the seasoned lawyer shared the latest update on the ongoing Ripple v. SEC lawsuit, as he has always done.

In a tweet yesterday, Filan reported that the Securities and Exchange Commission had filed a supplemental authority letter supporting its pending summary judgment motion against Ripple. 

As usual, the details of the SEC’s recent filings seemed too difficult to comprehend for non-legal practitioners, who called on the seasoned lawyer to provide clarity. A Twitter user and XRP community member who goes by the name “Anniex” asked the former federal prosecutor to explain the contents of the SEC letter in the context of the web-based game Wordle. 

“Explain it to me like I am on my last go in Wordle and only have three right letters but in the wrong boxes,” Anniex requested.

Anniex talked about the game Wordle, launched in 2018; Wordle is a web-based game that gives players six attempts to guess a five-letter word. Players are given feedback after each guess, which usually comes in the form of colored lines. This feature helps indicate when the letters match the correct position. The New York Times acquired the game last year for an undisclosed seven-figure fee.

Responding to Anniex request, attorney Filan said, “Sorry. You’re screwed.” 

Filan’s Comment Sparks Reactions

Despite directing his response to Anniex, the tweet has stirred mixed reactions in the XRP community. While some XRP community members understood the comment as a joke, others believe that Filan’s remarks meant trouble for Ripple and the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Filan Clears the Misconception

Filan’s comment continued to stir up reactions, prompting the seasoned lawyer to clarify his earlier response.

Reacting to the development, Filan said his response was only directed at Anniex’s Wordle-related comment and not the XRP community.


Filan’s Roles in Ripple v. SEC Case

Although some people seemed disappointed with Filan over the comment, it does not remove the fact that the defense lawyer wants the same thing as the rest of the community members- a win for Ripple.

Filan has taken it as a responsibility to share updates related to the ongoing lawsuit. Aside from sharing Ripple v. SEC updates, Filan has also circulated tweets criticizing the SEC from top Ripple executives, especially the company’s general counsel Stuart Alderoty.

Recall that Filan had predicted that Judge Torres would issue a ruling on the case before the end of March 2023. However, his prediction did not pass, leaving many XRP and Ripple supporters disappointed. 

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