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Musk Offers 1M Dogecoin for Proof of Emerald Mine Ownership


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The recent disclosure is part of Elon Musk’s efforts to demonstrate his advocacy for DOGE every chance he gets.

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and CEO of Twitter, has offered a 1 million Dogecoin (DOGE) reward to anyone who can provide evidence to the widely circulated claims that he owns an Emerald (a bright green precious stone) mine. The recent disclosure is part of the billionaire’s efforts to demonstrate his advocacy for DOGE every chance.

Musk revealed this bounty in a recent tweet, responding to a resurgence of the Emerald mine ownership claims that sprang up as far back as 2018. Notably, CB Doge, a prominent yet pseudonymous UI/UX designer for Dogecoin, disproved these claims. He first offered 69.420 (~$5.7) to any media outlet that could prove its existence.

In response to CB Doge’s tweet, Musk upped the ante, increasing the reward to 1 million DOGE (~$83,290) for anyone who can substantiate the existence of the mine. Through this move, the Tesla Chief aimed to demonstrate his unwavering advocacy for Dogecoin while expressing his confidence that he does not own the mine.


Media reports on Musk’s purported ownership of the Emerald Mine date back to 2018. Several outlets cited a 2014 interview where the business magnate reportedly spoke of his family’s mine ownership. However, Musk has consistently refuted these claims and maintained that no such mine exists.

Robert Reich, a professor at Berkeley, took to Twitter last September to discredit the “self-made billionaires” narrative, reigniting the rumors of the mine owners. Musk fired back at Reich, calling him “an idiot and a liar.” Maye Musk, Elon Musk’s mother, also refuted claims of owning a mine, noting that she only heard about its existence on Twitter. Musk described the rumors as annoying.


Musk’s Dogecoin Advocacy 

The recent bounty demonstrates Musk’s readiness to express his Dogecoin advocacy when the opportunity presents itself. Just three days ago, he referred to himself as a “dyslexic, agnostic, amnesiac” who firmly believes in cryptocurrency, specifically mentioning his preoccupation with DOGE, which he claimed keeps him up all night.


Recall that Musk demanded 3 DOGE as payment for a visit to Twitter HQ when CB Doge disclosed plans to visit. Although most of his DOGE-related tweets are lighthearted, some have had a notable impact on the asset’s price. Most recently, DOGE rallied by over 33% shortly after Musk changed the Twitter icon to the Coin’s iconography.

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