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XRP Healthcare Teams with FasterCapital to Fund African Acquisition Plans


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XRP Healthcare had previously disclosed plans to expand into Africa through acquisitions under the XRP Healthcare Africa subsidiary.

XRP Healthcare Africa, a subsidiary of XRP Healthcare, has partnered with FasterCapital, a venture capital enterprise overseen by the esteemed financial guru Hesham Zreik, to source capital for the procurement of private medical institutions spanning the African continent.

The partnership will bolster the financing and procurement of profitable private healthcare entities in Africa, a recent press release revealed. The collaboration also intends to utilize the benefits of XRPH token, XRP Healthcare’s digital currency, to enable effective payment transactions within the system.

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Recall that XRP Healthcare, the XRP Ledger-based Web3 healthcare platform, previously disclosed plans to expand into Africa through acquisitions under the XRP Healthcare Africa subsidiary. The alliance with FasterCapital will help speed up these acquisition plans.

FasterCapital will use its expertise in creating business strategies and fundraising to support the expansion of XRP Healthcare Africa in the private healthcare sector. The company’s adept professionals offer holistic aid to global entrepreneurs, in exchange for a share in the startup’s equity.

Kain Roomes, co-founder of XRP Healthcare, stated that partnering with FasterCapital would help XRP Healthcare Africa to quickly acquire and enhance profitable non-public medical facilities, like clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies, in Africa. The collaboration is expected to revolutionize private healthcare in the region.

FasterCapital’s founder, Hesham Zreik, has expressed excitement over the alliance. “[…] better healthcare provisions and standards for pharmerging countries are required, especially when everything is about profits, but if you can combine both, i.e. better healthcare and profits, then it’s a win/win for everyone concerned,” he remarked.

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Zreik is of the opinion that XRP Healthcare Africa’s ambitious vision has vast potential and that the burgeoning healthcare industry in Africa presents no dearth of interested and viable investors seeking investment opportunities.

XRP Healthcare Seeks to Improve the Medical Scene

XRP Healthcare is ready to launch its decentralized marketplace this quarter and has been working with partners from across the health sector to acquire medical equipment and supplies to enhance the quality of private healthcare facilities. With the aid of FasterCapital, the firm is poised for rapid expansion and a key role in advancing Africa’s healthcare industry.

The platform has continued to form partnerships to bolster its long-term goal of forming a sustainable network of top notch healthcare facilities so as to improve the medical industry. The firm recently formed separate partnerships with Signals and the United Networks of America.

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