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Shiba Inu Lead Developer Says “We’re in Go Mode” 


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Kusama shares an exciting update about Shibarium. 

Shytoshi Kusama, the pseudonymous lead developer of Shiba Inu, noted that Shibarium, the cryptocurrency’s layer-2 solution, is currently in “go mode.” Kusama made the remark in the official Shibarium Telegram group after a member asked him to share a Medium update on the ongoing development of the layer-2 network. 

In response to the request, Kusama said he believes Shiba Inu community members already have sufficient updates at their disposal. 

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“I think the army has plenty of updates as the chain activity and all the tokens are very public. We’re in go mode, not bro mode,” said Kusama. 

Kusama is indicating that Shibarium has passed the stage of sharing updates via Medium blog posts and is currently making significant progress toward its mainnet launch.  

Shiba Inu Community Members Excited 

It is gradually becoming a common practice for Kusama to use metaphors to express himself when discussing with the community. His recent remark on the official Shibarium Telegram group adds to the numerous times he has adopted the approach when communicating with Shiba Inu enthusiasts. As reported yesterday, Kusama explained that he has been working with Shiba Inu team members to “do the impossible.”  

Although Kusama did not share further clarification, members of the group seemed excited about the statement. At press time, the comment has attracted over 70 positive reactions from members of the Telegram group. 

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Shibarium Adoption Soars 

Interestingly, the stats of Shibarium Beta, Puppynet, have been impressive so far. Since Puppynet went live last month, more than 14.07 million addresses have been connected to the network. Furthermore, the transaction count of Shibarium Beta currently stands at 4.69 million. 

Despite the widespread adoption of Shibarium Beta, the team behind the L2 network has not announced an official date for its mainnet launch. 

The beta version of Shibarium is expected to run for a few more months, thus enabling the team to identify and resolve all issues before the L2 network will launch on mainnet. 

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Lele Jima
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