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Shiba Inu: NOWPayments to Become First Crypto Payment Gateway to Support Shibarium


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NOWPayments plans to extend its support for Shiba Inu by integrating Shibarium into its platform.

Leading cryptocurrency payment provider, NOWPayments has announced plans to integrate Shibarium. The move will make NOWPayments the first cryptocurrency payment gateway supporting the layer-2 network.

Per an announcement today, NOWPayments will integrate Shibarium once the L2 network goes live on the mainnet. Through the integration, NOWPaymens will support tokens and projects building on Shibarium.


Notably, the Netherlands-based cryptocurrency payment provider has already taken significant steps towards adopting Shibarium. Last week, NOWPayments revealed that its application to build on Shibarium was met with an affirmative response from Shiba Inu’s lead developer Shytoshi Kusama. 

NOWPayments Partnership With Shiba Inu

The announcement further expands NOWPayments’ support for Shiba Inu-related projects. Notably, the cryptocurrency payment provider has been a major supporter of Shiba Inu for nearly two years. 

NOWPayments first added support for Shiba Inu’s native token SHIB in June 2021. A few months later, NOWPayments partnered with the team behind Shiba Inu to support its ecosystem tokens- LEASH and BONE. 

In addition, the cryptocurrency payment gateway added an optional burn feature to merchant accounts, allowing users to calculate SHIB burns directly from their accounts. 

NOWPayments said it had created awareness about Shiba Inu by generating content highlighting the real-world use cases of the canine-themed cryptocurrency. An example of such a campaign includes an article NOWPayments, published in February 2023, highlighting why NFT marketplaces should consider accepting Shiba Inu as a payment method. 

Furthermore, the crypto payment provider plans to support Shiba Inu’s metaverse project and game.

For context, Shibarium is currently in beta version, and there is still no official date for its launch on mainnet. There has been widespread adoption of the L2 network. 

Data from Puppyscan shows that a whopping 13.93 million wallets have connected to the network since its debut. The total transaction of Shibarium Beta, Puppynet, currently stands at 3.01 million, with a total block of 550,022. 

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Lele Jima
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