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Cosmos Hub (ATOM) Set To Fall As Per This Price Prediction, Uwerx (WERX) Presale To Take Its Place?


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Since the beginning of 2023, the crypto industry has been on the rise once more. Even downtrodden coins like Cosmos Hub (ATOM) managed to see gains because of the optimism surrounding the market. Nevertheless, new presale projects like Uwerx will soon enter the scene and may yield significant payoffs down the road. Please keep reading to find out what analysts believe their future values will be, as they have already outlined some price predictions!

Cosmos Hub (ATOM) Could See A Price Reversal

The Cosmos Hub (ATOM) project seeks to create a network of interconnected blockchains that puts durability and smooth connectivity as a top priority. The last week was hard for Cosmos Hub (ATOM) is currently worth $11.46. Sentiment around Cosmos Hub (ATOM) is bearish as investors have noticed a decrease in new features for the project. As more investors look elsewhere to recoup their losses, Cosmos Hub (ATOM) price may continue to drop.

Analysts claim that if this negative trend persists, we could see a $10 valuation by the end of 2023, with a $9 to follow by mid-2024. However, if Cosmos Hub (ATOM) sees any notable developments, it could rise to highs of $16 by December 2023. In the end, analysts are being long-term bearish about Cosmos Hub (ATOM) even if it may see price growth as other projects with more development potential are emerging daily.

Uwerx (WERX) – An Upcoming Market Disruptor

By 2030, developed economies will require highly significant increases in technological competence, according to a recent Talent Alpha survey. And to close the worldwide skill gap in technology, freelancers will be crucial as they are often more skilled in the IT and computer programming sector. Capitalizing on just 1% of this growing industry could generate millions. Uwerx will soon enter this market and immediately stand out as it will provide something no one else does – blockchain technology!

Workers will embrace Uwerx as it will be the first blockchain-based freelance platform bringing perks and benefits traditional freelance platforms can not. Companies and workers won’t have to pay the costs associated with a third-party escrow service, thanks to the implementation of smart contracts. Blockchain technology will also provide a reliable and permanent track record for all parties involved.

With these advantages, Uwerx may become a powerful entity in the freelancing sector, making analysts forecast a minimum of $1.40 and a max of $0.78 for the WERX coin as 2024 take ends. Additionally, given how new the presale is and its growth potential, investing now might provide fantastic returns later, with the coin predicted to reach $6 in 2024!

Why Are Investors Choosing The Uwerx (WERX) Presale?

In contrast to Cosmos Hub (ATOM), Uwerx has all that is required to strive – solid fundamentals, extreme room for growth, and a reliable foundation!

Sign up for the WERX presale below, at $0.0075. We believe it could be a future blue-chip currency you can buy for just a cent – and the finest investment opportunity right now, especially before the scheduled price increase and the current 25% purchase bonus, given all it offers for so little!





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