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Xumm Adds 100+ Payment Methods for XRP Purchases


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The recent development makes XRP purchases readily available for the average user through a Xumm integration with Poko, a payments platform.

Xumm has secured yet another collaboration to make XRP purchases more accessible to its users. XRPL Labs, the development team behind Xumm, recently partnered with Poko, a reputable payments platform, to bring an on-ramp aggregator to Xumm. The aggregator will give users over 100+ payment methods for their XRP purchases.

The partnership will help open up an “essential portal” that will connect the XRP Ledger to the global scene, according to a tweet from Xumm. The development was officially announced in a press release today.


With Poko’s On-Ramp Aggregator, Xumm users can now access over 100+ local payment methods in many jurisdictions around the world, with a faster payment experience and fewer interruptions. Poko’s technology will also ensure that users receive the best rates and highest transaction success rates, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience. 

Maaike van der Veen, XRPL Labs’ Chief Business Officer, said the partnership with Poko shows their devotion to improving the user experience in the XRP ledger ecosystem. The On/Off-Ramp solution tailored for the Asian market will simplify users’ access to digital assets.

A look into the Xumm mobile app indicates that Poko has already been integrated as of press time. Notably, when users choose Poko as their preferred on-ramp provider for an XRP purchase, Poko scans over 100 third-party facilitators. The payment platform then directs users to the one with the best rates at the time.

Poko is the latest provider integrated into the Xumm wallet for on-ramp services. Xumm now boasts up to five external on/off-ramp providers besides its native facilitator, which is exclusively tailored for pro users. Most of these external providers were recently integrated, underscoring Xumm’s commitment to enhancing the XRP purchase experience.

As recently disclosed by The Crypto Basic, barely a week ago, Xumm partnered with Guardarian, a non-custodial fiat on/off-ramp provider, to enable XRP purchases with over 40 fiat currencies across numerous jurisdictions. The wallet was also integrated Stably two months ago to bring on/off-ramp solutions to US residents.

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