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Shiba Inu Burn Spikes in May as SHIB Burns Surpass 5.6B in 9 Days


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Over 5.67 Billion Shiba Inu (SHIB) Burned in the Past Seven Days, 1.69 Billion in the Past 24 Hours.

In an incredible feat, the Shiba Inu Community has removed a great 5,677,307,518 (5.67B) SHIB through multiple transactions in the past seven days. This collective effort has been led by three notable burners, Blaze Token, Mysterious Wallet, and CultPunks, who have all significantly contributed to the cause.

Blaze Token

Blaze Token, a newly launched token, quickly made a name for itself by burning 3,700,789,543 (3.70B) SHIB through two individual transactions.

Blaze Token’s first burn transaction on May 3rd eliminated a great 2,005,265,274 (2B) SHIB, estimated at $19,992, from circulation forever. The project followed up on May 8th with an even more substantial burn of 1,695,524,269 (1.69B), cementing its position as the top SHIB burner of May so far.

Mysterious Wallet

The mysterious wallet secured the second spot, which managed to burn a record-breaking 1,695,572,371 (1.69B) SHIB in a single transaction executed on May 5th. The identity of the wallet owner remains unknown.


CultPunks, a newly launched NFT collection on Modulus Network, also felt its presence by taking 246,743,138 (246.74M) SHIB from circulation forever in a single transaction executed on May 3rd. This achievement earned CultPunks the third spot among the top SHIB burners of the week.

Past 24 Hours Burn

Shibburn.com data reveals that the Community has destroyed 1,699,451,700 (1.69B) SHIB in the past 24 hours. This massive burn has increased the overall SHIB burn rate by 12199.82% over the last day.

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