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How This Hot GameFi Token Is Dethroning Dogecoin: Invest Now For A Chance At 50X Gains


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The secret to making massive returns in crypto is investing early. This secret recipe has two benefits. You get to buy the tokens when prices are lowest and also catch the entire move to the upside. This is why you’ll see crypto whales investing in projects in the pre-launch stage before the project becomes popular.

DogeCoin is a pioneering meme coin that was created in mockery of the crypto movement at the time of its inception. DogeCoin, which later became one of the biggest meme coins, has minted countless crypto millionaires since its release in 2013.

While DogeCoin may have created a number of crypto millionaires, many of these investors are not happy with the performance of the coin in recent months as the price has been in a continued downtrend. The good news is that there is a new memecoin in town, and crypto analysts believe it’s the best bet for investors to bounce back and make massive profits in 2023.

DogeCoin Price Prediction for 2023

DOGE price has fallen a little above 90% from its all-time high. This rapid plummeting of price confirms the meme coin is in a strong downtrend. Similarly, DOGE has fallen almost 7% in the last 7 days and almost 25% in the last 30 days.

Despite this continuous fall in price, a number of investors are still trooping to DogeCoin in the hopes of buying the bottom of the trend. The number of DogeCoin holders since the beginning of the year has significantly increased, and analysts believe this is a good sign that the coin may recover and reach an all-time high again.

While this may be true, most DogeCoin investors are looking to Pikamoon, the new hybrid meme coin, to make a 50x gain in the 2023 bull run.

What is Pikamoon?

When it comes to play-to-earn games in the crypto industry, Pikamoon is at the forefront. Pikamoon is taking the lead in the crypto industry through its innovative token and superior gameplay. The core team at Pikamoon is forward-thinking and committed to the continued growth of the platform.

In a quest to ensure continued innovation of the platform, 10 billion of the 50 billion minted $PIKA tokens will be used for the continuous development of the Pikaverse over the next 10 years. This goes to show how committed the Pikamoon team is to the success of the project in the long run.

To add to the excitement, the $PIKA token distribution plan includes a 36-month vesting period for both the team members and advisors. This is a show of utter commitment and dedication to the longevity of Pikamoon. This way, investors and community members can rest easy knowing their investments are in reliable hands.

The level of commitment and strategic plan shown by the Pikamoon team comes as no surprise, as the entire team is doxxed and properly audited by Coinsults, a leading blockchain audit company. This is one of the many reasons investors have full confidence in the project and are willing to bet their last dime on it in the ongoing presale.

Pikamoon Presale: The Easiest Way To Make Massive Profit In 2023

The Pikamoon presale is one of the biggest presale events happening in the crypto industry. Smart investors and crypto whales are dumping other meme coins to buy out large shares of $PIKA tokens to make massive profits in the 2023 bull run.

Pikamoon is already in the second stage of its presale, and coins are selling out fast. The second phase of the presale is set to drive the price of each token to $0.0004. The third and final stage of the presale will see the token price set at $0.0006. This means massive profits for early investors even before the coin gets listed and the big moves start happening.

If you’re set out to make a massive profit on your portfolio in 2023, this is definitely an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

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