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Blockchain Security Platform CertiK Announces AMA for Shiba Inu


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The blockchain security platform announced an AMA for Shiba Inu hours after reports disclosed that the crypto asset had lost its AAA status.

CertiK, a leading blockchain security platform, has announced plans to host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session for canine-themed cryptocurrency Shiba Inu (SHIB). This came up shortly after circulating reports highlighted Shiba Inu’s security score downgrade.

The upcoming AMA, titled “Shibarium Layer 2, Tokenomics, Security, and More,” was disclosed in a tweet by CertiK yesterday. According to the attached image, the session is scheduled for today at 1 PM (UTC) and will take place on the official CertiK Discord channel.

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During the AMA, CertiK intends to share significant updates regarding Shiba Inu, including its current security status. The platform expressed their invitation to the public, stating, “Join our @Shibtoken AMA on TUESDAY! Curious about what #SHIB is up to lately? Come find out!”

The Shiba Inu community has shown enthusiasm toward the upcoming AMA, with numerous proponents indicating their interest.

Shiba Inu Loses Its CertiK AAA Rating

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Notably, the announcement comes less than 24 hours after reports revealed that Shiba Inu had lost its Certik AAA rating. As reported by The Crypto Basic, Shiba Inu’s security score on CertiK declined to 93.67%, which saw the token drop to the 51st position on CertiK’s security leaderboard.

Despite the setback, Shiba Inu still ranked among the most secure projects on Certik’s top 5% list. However, the downgrade news raised concerns among Shiba Inu proponents, who had been accustomed to seeing the token on CertiK’s AAA list for months.

Community members eagerly look forward to the upcoming AMA, as they anticipate that the blockchain security platform will provide valuable insights and clarification regarding the factors that led to Shiba Inu’s downgrade from its esteemed AAA status.

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