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SEC vs. Ripple: Deaton Wishes Ripple CEO Good Luck on His New Prediction 


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Attorney Deaton reacts to Ripple CEO’s new prediction. 

Attorney John Deaton, a pro-XRP lawyer and CryptoLaw founder, has joined XRP enthusiasts in reacting to Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse’s prediction on the final resolution of the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit. 

As reported earlier, Garlinghouse speculated in a fireside chat at the “Redefine Tomorrow 2023 Summit” that the company’s legal battle against the U.S. SEC will be resolved in weeks and not months. 

“In terms of where things stand today, I’ll try not to get too much into the legal wigs. You’re right that I feel very confident that we’ll see a decision from the court this year. In fact, I’ll guess in weeks, not months,” said Garlinghouse. 

Attorney Deaton Reacts to Garlinghouse’s Prediction 

Interestingly, many XRP enthusiasts have been reacting to Garlinghouse’s prediction since it went viral. Reactions to the prediction were a mix of excitement and anxiety. 

Some assert that the prediction is genuine, given that Garlinghouse might have gotten the information from the legal team representing Ripple in the SEC lawsuit. 

In the hours leading up to press time, attorney Deaton, on behalf of himself and other pro-XRP lawyers like Jeremy Hogan and James Filan, wished Garlinghouse good luck with his new prediction on the end date of the SEC vs. Ripple case. 

“On behalf of myself, @attorneyjeremy1 and @FilanLaw, I simply say to @bgarlinghouse: good luck with that prediction,” he said

However, the CryptoLaw founder added a laughing and crying emoji to the tweet, which made some Twitter users suggest that he was skeptical about the prediction. 

Reacting to the development, Deaton clarified that he was not skeptical about Garlinghouse’s prediction but only making fun of the fact that he, attorneys Hogan and Filan were wrong in their own predictions on the lawsuit’s end date.  

Meanwhile, attorney Filan commented on Deaton’s tweet, stressing that it is important for people to allow some “wiggle room” while predicting when the judge will issue a summary judgment decision.  

Pro-XRP Lawyers Off in Their Predictions 

It is worth noting that Deaton, Hogan, and Filan had previously predicted the end date for the SEC lawsuit. While attorneys Hogan and Filan predicted that Judge Analisa Torres would make a summary judgment decision on or before March 31, 2023, Deaton speculated that the case would be resolved on May 6, 2023. 

Meanwhile, the attorneys were off in their predictions, as Judge Torres has still not issued a final verdict that will put an end to the lawsuit. 

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