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XRPL Labs Unveils New Name for XRP Wallet XUMM


XRPL Labs and Xumm Wallet have rebranded as Xaman, focusing on bridging the gap between crypto and commerce.

In a significant development for the Ripple community, XRPL Labs and the number one self-custody wallet for the XRP Ledger, Xumm Wallet, have announced their rebranding as they enter a new era.

Wietse Wind, a prominent XRPL developer, took to Twitter to commemorate the remarkable journey of nearly six years for XRPL Labs and five years for Xumm Wallet. Reflecting on the past, Wind expressed a sense of time passing quickly and slowly.

However, the tweet also hinted at the exciting opportunities, increased traction, and ambitious plans. With a firm belief that the time for evolution had come, Wind revealed the new name for XRPL Labs and Xumm Wallet: Xaman.


Notably, this development is coming a few weeks after Wind teased an upcoming set of developer tools that are particularly valuable for developers building xApps within the Xumm wallet, as previously reported by TheCryptoBasic.

Xumm Wallet Confirms Rebrand

As the update from the XRPL developer reverberated across the crypto community, capturing the attention of XRP enthusiasts, Xumm Wallet confirmed the transition on their official Twitter account. They emphasized that their dedication to innovation, security, and providing a superior user experience would remain unwavering.


In an official blog post, Xumm further elaborated on the exciting transition, highlighting the eventful journey of XRPL Labs and Xumm, which had surpassed milestones that were once mere dreams, solidifying their position in the XRP ecosystem. 

According to the report, Xaman, named after the Maya god of merchants and trade, reflects their goal of seamlessly blending retail and cryptocurrency. The decision to unify XRPL Labs and Xumm under the new identity of Xaman was made to ensure clarity with other brands in the industry.

Maaike van der Veen, Chief Business Officer at XRPL Labs, stated. that Xaman rebranding shows our commitment to revolutionizing retail and bridging the gap between crypto and retail for smoother adoption and growth.

In March, TheCryptoBasic reported that XRPL Labs had released Xumm 2.4.0, marking the first upgrade to the XRPL wallet in seven months, featuring enhanced encryption and improved functionality for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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