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Top Crypto Presales of 2023: Script Network (SCPT) Vs. DigiToads (TOADS)


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Crypto projects in the presale stage present excellent opportunities for investors to make profitable gains. Investors can buy tokens at a considerable discount before they hit a crypto exchange.

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New crypto projects are announced everyday, making it difficult for investors to keep tabs on the ones that will likely blow up. As such, we will look at the top crypto presales to invest in for 2023.

This article will evaluate each project, use cases, tokenomics, partnerships, and other essential information investors may want.

DigiToads (TOADS)

DigiToads is a decentralized utility meme coin with a unique combination of NFT staking and residual income features that are attracting the attention of investors and users alike.

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The platform aims to become one of the most prominent meme tokens alongside Dogelon Mars, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu. Also, it aspires to become one of the most significant play-to-earn tokens alongside Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Gala, and Decentraland.

DigiToads increases the investors’ chances of earning residual income through holding the TOADS tokens, P2E gaming, and NFT staking.

The deflationary feature of platform ensures a slow decrease in its token’s supply and an increase in value over some time. This feature is attracting the attention of new and seasoned investors who recognize the potential of this project for huge profits.

The DigiToads team has scheduled an audit with top auditing companies to ensure transparency and security, which helps solidify investors’ confidence in the platform.

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Script Network’s (SCPT)

Script Network is a revolutionary blockchain-based video streaming platform allowing viewers and creators to monetize their content, time, and efforts. Script Network intends to solve the current video streaming industry issues through a revolutionary approach.

These innovative technologies separate Script Network from existing centralized streaming and crypto-implemented services.

Script Network’s native utility token ($SCPT) powers the platform’s ecosystem. Users can earn $SCPT and NFTs by watching targeted advertisements or engaging with specific content.

The platform is built on Blockchain technology to ensure a reward-distributing system without any form of  malpractices. By using Blockchain technology, Script Network ensures the reward disbursement process is 100% transparent.

By eliminating transaction costs and enabling flawless connections, Script Network intends to provide a smoother streaming experience for customers and broadcasters.

The platform will integrate an NFT Marketplace ecosystem with a collection of its ScriptGLASS NFTs. Users can mint, buy, or sell these NFTs on the marketplace with $SPAY tokens.

Script Network is a forward-thinking streaming solution capable of handling some of the decade’s most inventive and intriguing ideas. The platform has endless potential, owing to its high-speed Script blockchain, which pays viewers and broadcasters alike.

The first stage of the Script Network token’s presale has begun. This presale is an excellent opportunity for investors to be part of Script Network’s project as it targets to become one of the most prominent tokens in the crypto market.

Many crypto analysts have predicted that the momentum generated by Script Network during the ongoing presale will lead to high demand, which could increase the value of its native token, $SCPT.

With Script Network’s excellent roadmap and long-term potential, predictions are that the price could reach $10 in 2023 – this represents the best opportunity for investors to make 1000x gains in 2023.

For more information on Script Network, visit the links below:

Presale Website




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