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Cardano Founder, Altcoin Daily, Others All Expect SEC vs. Ripple Lawsuit To End in June


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Top crypto stakeholders predict that the resolution of the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit could happen this month.

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Crypto community members have been anticipating the resolution of the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit. It is worth noting that the outcome of the legal battle, which has lingered for more than two years, could decide the future of crypto regulations in the United States. 

Even though the case has been fully briefed in the United States Southern District Court of New York, no one knows the exact date when the case will be concluded.

However, widespread speculation is that the multi-year legal battle could end soon. Top crypto stakeholders speculate that the final resolution of the Ripple lawsuit could happen this month.

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Predictions from Top Crypto Enthusiasts 

Last month, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse first disclosed that Judge Analisa Torres would issue a summary decision in the coming weeks. Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson also shared the same sentiment. 

During a “Surprise AMA (Ask Me Anything)” on May 31, Hoskinson disclosed that Ripple’s lawsuit could be resolved in June. Hoskinson made this known after a viewer asked him if the case could end anytime soon.

“Yes, I do. I think it’s probably next month [June],” Hoskinson added.

On June 1, prominent cryptocurrency YouTuber and Twitter account Altcoin Daily, with 1.3M followers, also commented on the widespread rumor regarding the end of the case. According to Altcoin Daily, the rumors suggest the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit will end this month.

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Interestingly, an XRP community member Ashley Prosper shared a series of events pointing to the possibility of the lawsuit being resolved in June. Some events include Garlinghouse’s remark, the upcoming release of Hinman’s emails, etc.

Keyur Rohit, a Bitcoin believer, also expects a final verdict in June.

The High-Profile Lawsuit 

For context, the legal battle between the SEC and Ripple has attracted the attention of crypto community members. Recall that the SEC officially sued Ripple and two of its executives in December 2020, alleging that the company conducted unregistered securities offering via its past and ongoing sales of XRP. 

Ripple has reportedly spent over $200 million defending itself and its executives against the SEC in court. The lawsuit has been fully briefed, with a resolution expected soon. 

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