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Report Suggests 1,000 XRP Could Make You $3.5 Million


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A report seeking to evaluate the fair market value of XRP suggests 1,000 XRP would yield $3.5 million at XRP’s lowest estimated fair market value.

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XRP has shown tremendous resilience against the bear market despite the legal pressure from the SEC’s lawsuit. However, several industry leaders believe XRP’s price should be much higher than it is, leading to assessments of its fair market value. 

A recent report from Valhil Capital suggests that investors would have been sitting on a $3.5 million investment with just 1,000 XRP if the asset was trading at the lowest estimate of its fair market value, $3,500.

Per a recent report from The Crypto Basic, Valhil Capital’s research at determining XRP’s fair market value began nearly two years ago. The firm formed a Valuation Committee consisting of finance experts late last year. The committee leveraged six different models to ascertain the fair market value of XRP.

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The results, released this week, were astounding, with a low fair market value of $3,500 and a high of $22,000. Valhil Capital emphasizes that this is not a prediction of XRP’s price but a rough estimate of its market value without the legal pressure from the SEC litigation and other external factors. 

This valuation depends largely on retail and institutional adoption of XRP in the global scene as a store of value. Notably, several institutions have chosen to avoid XRP to mitigate the chances of a lawsuit from the SEC. Most prominent US-based exchanges, such as Coinbase and Kraken, had to delist XRP. This dampened the asset’s adoption rate.

XRP Fair Market Value

At a value of $3,500, 100 XRP would be worth $350,000, with 1,000 XRP valued at a massive $3.5 million. This represents a value 706,399% higher than XRP’s current worth. On the other hand, at the peak fair market value of $22,000, it would take a little over 45 XRP to make $1 million. 

However, it is essential to note that some industry experts have questioned the efficiency of these assessments. Matt Hamilton, a former Ripple Director, expressed skepticism over the document’s legitimacy when the cover was teased last month. 

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While Hamilton questioned the document’s efficiency, he confirmed that the Athey & Mitchnick (A&M) Model, one of the models used in the paper, is the most sensible he’s seen. Notably, according to the A&M Model, XRP’s fair market value is between $6.37 and $32.91. 

Regardless of the difference in opinions, the consensus remains that XRP would have had a much higher value if the SEC lawsuit never occurred. XRP is currently trading for $0.4954, down 6.33% in the last 24 hours. 

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