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A British Billionaire Is Backing This New Meme Coin After Making Millions In PEPE Coin


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Pepecoin (PEPE) is one meme coin that once delighted the crypto market, especially investors who jumped in early. It made some investors overnight millionaires and gave the wealthy even bigger bags. Such was the case of a British billionaire who invested heavily in PEPE and came out with millions.

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But the tide has changed, and recent PEPE price performance has been below expectations. Uncertain of how this will pan out, this British billionaire is now backing a new meme coin for even bigger returns.

We’re talking about the $ANA token, the hottest meme coin in the cryptoverse right now. And in this article, we will delve into the details of this fantastic token and its use cases.

Want to know what our billionaire investor sees in ANA and why they’re backing it? Keep reading to find out.

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Pepecoin Weak in the Knees?

Investors have witnessed firsthand the rise and fall of Pepecoin (PEPE), and now they understand better that there are important factors beyond the hype and early profits that sustain a meme coin. The decline in price and total value locked (TVL) of PEPE has highlighted the significance of utilities and a strong project structure in sustaining a token’s success.

These valuable lessons have not gone unnoticed by a British billionaire who capitalised on the PEPE craze. Seeking a new meme coin with the qualities necessary for long-term growth, their attention has turned to Anarchy (ANA).

Despite being a relatively new player in the game, $ANA has already gained considerable momentum in the market, attracting a large and growing community following.

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What are the qualities that ANA possesses that make it so special? Let’s find out.

What’s in an ANA token for a billionaire?

Anarchy is a high-profit meme coin that combines the power of memes and humour to call out bad governance and promote positive social change. Kind of like a community for people who detest corrupt officials. With a dedicated following, $ANA has quickly gained popularity as a unique and engaging meme coin project.

At its core, ANA represents a movement where people come together to entertain themselves while also aiming to make a difference in the world. The community uses memes to criticise corrupt government and financial institutions, exposing their hypocrisy and making a mockery of them.

The ANA project would also walk its talk by showing the government how to properly manage a community. With every sale and transfer transaction, a generous 4.5% goes directly to the DAO wallet, and the community would democratically decide how to allocate these funds at the end of each month.

$ANA is all of us, the people, and that’s the sweet spot for this British billionaire.

Anarchy’s meme culture

The Anarchy community is a vibrant and lively group of individuals who share a common goal: to challenge the existing systems and hold those in power accountable. They use a clever blend of wit and humour to create memes and satirical content that sheds light on the flaws and injustices in governance, sparking discussions and raising awareness among a wider audience.

Through their memes and humorous content, $ANA holders would take their grievances to the internet, where they would air the government’s dirty laundry and everyone would have good laughs. The ANA project understands that humour can be a potent weapon in dismantling oppressive systems and drawing attention to the misdeeds of those in authority.

ANA would be that platform where we could challenge the powers that be. And with the blend of funny memes and community initiatives, the $ANA meme coin can become more than just a financial investment—it will double as a vehicle for social change, reminding us that sometimes laughter can be the most powerful tool against corruption and bad governance.

How can you join? It’s easy.


$ANA’s Ongoing Presale

$ANA is in its first stage of presales and is selling at $0.00021 per token. At such generous rates, you have to be moved to buy as many tokens as you can, especially with such huge potential rewards. This British billionaire certainly sees the reward here.

There are more stages to go in pre-sales, but they will witness an increase in the price of the $ANA token. Our advice? Invest now while it’s still early!

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