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Shiba Inu Lead Developer Shares Latest Updates on SHIB in Informative Post


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Shiba Inu’s lead developer has shared details about Shibacals and how the product will be used.

Shiba Inu lead developer Shytoshi Kusama has revealed the much-anticipated mysterious physical product and other updates.

According to a blog post yesterday, Kusama introduced the “physical” item, dubbed Shibacals: Authenticated Collectibles.

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Shibacals Introduced 

Notably, the project will serve as an authentication layer for collectibles, leveraging NFC chips to authenticate physical items digitally. 

According to Kusama, Shibacals focuses on authenticity and aesthetic appeal while fostering an authentication layer that supercharges the concept of collectibility.

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Kusama stressed that top companies like eBay are already authenticating physical items. However, Shiba Inu’s digital authentication of physical items through NFC chips is unique, he said, adding:

“Our unique approach of digital authentication of physical items through an NFC chip, creation of the items in-house, and blockchain transaction sets us apart and demonstrates just one use-case for Shibarium.”

Per Kusama, the chips can link to dynamic destinations, thus creating unending opportunities that are ideal for businesses.

“[…] People who sell on ETSY or have their own website for creating products can simply add a Shibacal NFC tag and decide how they want to use this tag for their creations,” he said.

Shiba Inu Partners Champion Apparel

Kusama further noted that Shiba Inu has partnered with Champion Apparels to create SHIB-themed merchandise.

The initiative is the brainchild of the Shibacals team. Notably, the initiative will mark the first use of authentication tags and NFC chips to authenticate these merchandise.

Interestingly, Shiba Inu community members have finally got their wish. Recall that the community has been calling on the U.S.-based sportswear brand to create SHIB-themed hoodies. A top Shiba Inu influencer SHIB_Head started the campaign last year. As expected, it did not take long before other Shiba Inu enthusiasts asked Champion to create SHIB-themed apparel.

The campaign yielded positive results, as Shiba Inu finally secured the rights to create “Shiba Inu merchandise on Champion Apparel.”

Meanwhile, Shiba Inu also revealed the first batch of Shibacal, SHIB-themed, NFC authentication tags.

Created by Hewlett Packard, the tags will be placed on the first edition hoodies.

Shiba Inu Announces Shibacals: Hoodie Contest

The team behind Shiba Inu has announced a community-wide hoodie design contest. Shiba Inu noted that it will accept three designs from the community. However, the team said two of these designs would come from SHIB_Head and THESHIBLIFE. 

Notably, Shiba Inu will select three designs per category to be voted on by SHIB community members on Discord. In addition, the top 12 designs will be moved to the next round. The contest is scheduled to end on June 28, 2023.

Shib World paper

Furthermore, the blog post also introduced Shiba Inu’s World paper, a comprehensive guide to the SHIB ecosystem. The Worldpaper will provide a deep dive into everything related to Shiba Inu, including its ecosystem tokens, platforms, products, and services. More so, the initiative will also explain the long-term plan for Shiba Inu’s full decentralization

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