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Shiba Inu Designer Unhappy With Commercialization of SHIB Logo, Considers Legal Action


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Shiba Inu logo designer is making moves to stop the commercialization of the mascot logo.

Shiba Inu mascot logo designer Sveinn Valdimarsson has expressed displeasure over the usage of the SHIB logo for commercial purposes.

In an interview with DL News today, the 25-year-old designer appealed to the Shiba Inu team to stop giving commercial enterprises the approval to use the logo.

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Valdimarsson plans to take things to the extreme as he seeks legal representation to stop the commercialization of SHIB logo.

“You can get a tattoo, put this on your T-shirt or car, and everything is good,” Valdimarsson said. “But if you’re going to put it on like a cigarette pack and call it Shiba cigarettes, that’s where you’ll make money off it. And that’s where I want to see some honesty in you if you’re going to do that.” 

Shiba Inu Logo Inception

Notably, the official Shiba Inu logo was created in 2020, before the launch of the cryptocurrency in August 2020. As a proud Shiba Inu enthusiast, Valdimarsson created several logo prototypes at zero cost.

The community voted and adopted the logo without any trademarks or agreements on how it should be used.

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According to Valdimarsson, he created the mascot logo as a symbol for Shiba Inu. However, he never planned for enterprises to use the logo for business purposes.

Enterprise Using Shiba Inu Logo

Valdimarsson’s claim comes ahead of the launch of the Tangem-Shiba Inu hardware wallet. As reported earlier, the Swiss crypto storage firm plans to release a hardware wallet for the Shiba Inu community. The team behind the SHIB-themed wallet will deliver the first batch on July 24.

Similarly, English-Italian fashion designer John Richmond partnered with Shiba Inu to roll out an exclusive clothing line for the community.

As part of the deal, John Richmond used the Shiba Inu mascot as its official Twitter image. In the same vein, Welly, a Naples-based restaurant, also uses the Shiba Inu mascot logo for its operations.

Furthermore, the Shiba Inu team also announced a new physical project called Shibacals would also use Valdimarsson’s SHIB logo. Shibacals will feature a merchandise store selling SHIB-themed hoodies, toys, and caps.

Meanwhile, it will be difficult for Valdimarsson to get someone from the Shiba Inu team who will address his concern. According to DL News, the Shiba Inu team is entirely pseudonymous.

“Trying to work out who works for Shiba Inu isn’t easy. People come and go,” DL News noted.


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