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Community Reacts on Claims of 1,162 New XRP Accounts Created Every Day


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Prominent XRP influencer Lewis Jackson unveils an astonishing surge in account creations, representing 1,166 new accounts per day; community reacts.

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In a recent tweet, well-known XRP influencer Lewis Jackson revealed that an astonishing number of XRP accounts had been brought to life as of July 25, 2023. According to Jackson’s disclosure, the tally of these sprouting accounts has surpassed 3.2 million. However, The Crypto Basic has confirmed this figure to be over 4.7 million.

“As of July 25, 2023, over 3.2 million #XRP accounts have been created,” Jackson exclaimed.

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He further estimated that the figure represents an average of 1,166 daily fresh accounts. The XRP influencer also shared an image that shows a smooth upward trajectory of the number of XRP accounts in the past nine years.

Crypto Community Reacts

A skeptical observer raised an intriguing point, expressing concerns about potential misleading aspects of Jackson’s data. The Twitter user pointed out that some individuals might hold XRP and other assets in multiple wallets, which could inflate the number of accounts and, in turn, skew the overall picture.

Another respondent questioned the source and rationale behind the 3.2 million figure cited by Jackson. The commenter brought attention to Jackson’s previous post, where a tabulated record of over 4.7 million XRP accounts was laid bare, urging consistency in data representation to avoid any confusion within the community.

Amid the skepticism, an XRP enthusiast pondered why the supposed surge in account creations had not translated into a noticeable pump in the asset’s value. Notably, XRP has maintained a passive gesture in the market over the past week, hovering around $0.7.

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Dispelling the Skepticism

It is worth mentioning that data from reputable XRP explorers such as XRPScan and XRP Ledger (XRPL) show that the total XRP accounts are about 4.72 million. Moreover, The Crypto Basic reported earlier this month that the XRP ecosystem welcomed over 138k new addresses in the year’s second quarter.

Notably, these figures signify tremendous growth in the XRP ecosystem. XRP has been in the spotlight over the past two weeks after securing a landmark victory against the US regulator. As The Crypto Basic reported, investor interest in the digital asset has remained on the rise, propelling its value and trading volume.

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