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Open Campus Partners With CloudCo To Create Content On Climate Change


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Open Campus, a leading provider of online educational resources in the Web 3 space, has partnered with CloudCo Entertainment, a family and children’s entertainment company, to create climate change-based educational content for young learners on TinyTap, a global educational games library with over 250,000 creators and publishers. 

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“We are thrilled to partner with Care Bears to create innovative educational content that helps children learn about the environment and climate change,” shared Yogev Shelly, CEO of TinyTap and Council Member of Open Campus.

Through the partnership, Open Campus will gain a license to leverage Care Bears’ intellectual property rights to develop education content that excites young learners to learn and care for the environment and climate change. According to Yogev Shelly, the two iconic children’s properties aim to give kids more than fun and engaging educational content but also impact the next generation by teaching them about caring for our planet. 

Since its launch in 1982 through consumer products, Care Bears has grown into one of the most popular children’s products line with its series of animated films and TV shows, growing its social media following to over a million across all platforms. Its popular show,  ‘Unlock the Magic”, a 48-episode long animated series, launched in 2019 and has since been airing in the U.S. on popular networks such as Cartoon Network, Boomerang, and HBO Max (now Max). 

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The educational games will include the likeness of Care Bears, a popular show, to entice kids to learn about the importance of sustainability and conservation to help fight climate change. Notwithstanding, the partnership with Open Campus blends well with Care Bears’ message of “sharing, caring, friendship, and courage”, according to Robert Prinzo, Head of Licensing at Cloudco Entertainment, in his statement following the partnership. 

“Partnering with TinyTap allows us to extend that mission into the digital world, using interactive games and content to teach valuable lessons about sustainability, and the environment and more,” Prinzo added. “Together, we aim to inspire and empower young minds to make a positive impact on the world around them.”

With a long-term partnership plan ahead, the companies are also exploring the application of NFTs to enhance learning and create worthwhile experiences for learners. Open Campus already offers its Publisher NFTs, which allow communities to create, own, and promote content and allow creators to earn royalties on their work. 

The exploration is set to encompass a multi-faceted array of exciting endeavours, including the application of Publisher NFTs, the ingenuity of Open Campus’ cutting-edge content tokenization engine, and the launch of a series of co-branded digital collectibles. This will present users of TinyTap and lovers of Care Bear with a myriad of opportunities and new ways to engage and learn about a wide range of topics, including climate change. 

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According to the team, the new educational games on climate change will be launched on TinyTap in the coming months, presenting a new channel for new generations to learn and engage positively on the issues of climate change and how they can help protect the planet Earth. 

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