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Financial Analysts Assess Shiba Inu Potential for 116,000% Surge to $0.01 After Shibarium Launch


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CEOs of prominent finance enterprises believe Shiba Inu (SHIB) has a better chance to surge by over 116,000% to claim $0.01 in the coming months, citing the Shibarium mainnet launch as the catalyst.

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The layer-2 scaling solution — Shibarium — is undoubtedly the most anticipated and critical project in the SHIB ecosystem. The project is designed to make the Shiba Inu network highly scalable and efficient. Accordingly, community members and other proponents believe SHIB’s price would be positively affected if Shibarium works as expected.

Jonathan Merry and Adam Garcia have shared their extremely bullish expectations for the canine-themed token in the coming months. In their recent hot takes, these two finance experts and CEOs submitted that Shibarium’s advent could push SHIB’s price by over 116,000% from its current price.

SHIB To $0.01

The Stock Dork CEO Adam Garcia and Moneyzine CEO Jonathan Merry became the latest fintech specialists to tout Shibarium. In his Thursday remark, Garcia submitted that the L2 project could potentially drive the adoption and value of SHIB higher. “There is optimism that the token’s value could experience a notable boost in the short term,” he noted.

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He said network congestion and low scalability issues would be solved when Shibarium goes live on the mainnet. Consequently, he implied that the once-branded meme coin project would be transitioned to an improved and enhanced crypto network.

Similarly, Moneyzine CEO opined that SHIB could attain a new all-time high post-mainnet launch of the L2 scaling solution. In particular, Merry noted that SHIB’s price could eclipse $0.01 if Shibarium works as expected. This translates to an increase of 116,859% from the token’s current value of $0.000008550.

“If it is extremely successful and becomes a global sensation, SHIB may have a better chance of hitting the $0.01 target with the enhanced Shibarium and the new burn mechanism,” Merry remarked.

Amid projecting Shibarium as the catalyst for SHIB’s possible price rally in the coming months, the CEO stressed the importance of the L2 solution being utilized.  “As long as Shibarium is used, SHIB will profit,” Merry surmised. The finance expert added that consistent SHIB burns would also play a great role.

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Rising Shibarium Anticipation 

These bullish comments surfaced amid rising Shibarium anticipation in the Shiba Inu community. Besides the ShibArmy, members of the broader crypto community are keenly watching out for the L2 project.

Recall that the popular Bitcoiner Davinci Jeremie said Shibarium’s emergence would trigger big things for Shiba Inu. As reported by The Crypto Basic, Jeremie implied that the L2 scaling solution would help shed off SHIB’s meme coin stigmatism.

Notably, the mainnet launch is expected around mid-August during ETH Toronto, as Shiba Inu lead developer Shytoshi Kusama hinted. Meanwhile, the Shibarium beta testnet — Puppynet — recently clinched a new milestone. As published, total transactions on the testnet have surpassed the 34.5M mark.

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