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Ripple Joins BlackRock and JPMorgan as Member of Leading Trade Association ISDA


Ripple joins industry giants BlackRock and JPMorgan at the trade association ISDA, signaling a strategic move into derivatives and blockchain integration in TradFi.

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The San Francisco-based blockchain company, Ripple, has joined the prestigious trade organization, International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA). 

Well-known XRP influencer Crypto Eri took to Twitter to announce the development, highlighting the significance of Ripple’s alignment with ISDA.

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The alliance signals Ripple’s strategic foray into the realm of derivatives and its intent further to integrate its blockchain technology into traditional financial markets.

Crypto Eri highlighted that ISDA boasts a membership roster of global financial elites. It includes officers from financial powerhouses such as BlackRock, Société Générale, J.P. Morgan, CME Group, Citigroup (Citi), Goldman Sachs, and other major institutions.

She tagged Ripple’s Public Policy Officer, Rahul Advani, noting that he is the contact person for the firm in this regard.

Ripple ISDA Membership 

Notably, Ripple joins ISDA as an Associate Member. According to ISDA, this membership comprises entities integral to the derivatives markets infrastructure, such as technological solutions providers, exchanges, and clearing establishments.

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For context, derivatives are financial instruments that derive value from an underlying asset, such as cryptocurrency. They are used to hedge risk, speculate on price movements, or obtain leverage.

Other crypto-focused entities with ISDA associate membership include the proof-of-stake blockchain protocol, Algorand (ALGO), and the Crypto.com exchange. 

The XRP community expressed excitement about the development, which comes after Ripple secured a landmark ruling against the US regulator. 


ISDA is a financial conductor, orchestrating agreements in the derivatives and swaps markets. It standardizes contracts, clarifies legal aspects, and guides participants through evolving market rhythms. 

The trade organization is headquartered in New York City with an international presence spanning 79 countries. It wields substantial influence over the derivatives market, encompassing various financial instruments tied to underlying assets.

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