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IOHK Team Shares Latest Developments in Cardano Ecosystem 


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The developments introduced in the Cardano ecosystem over the past week aimed at improving the blockchain’s core technology, smart contracts, scaling, governance, wallets, and other services.

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To enhance the efficiency of the Cardano blockchain, the team continues to implement strategic upgrades regularly. As shown by Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) earlier today, many notable Cardano developments were recorded over the past week.

These technological upgrades focused on improving the blockchain’s core technology, governance approach, scaling protocols, smart contracts, and Cardano-based wallets. While these positive outcomes failed to impact ADA’s price noticeably, investors’ confidence may have been boosted.

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Cardano Development Updates

Regarding Cardano’s technology, the report showed that the core development teams collaborated to pre-release an upgraded node this week. This new node labeled “node v.8.2.1” is designed for use on the newly-released devnet — SanchoNet.

In light of this, the Cardano network consensus team concentrated on integrating the node version into the so-called “UTXO HD branch.” According to the IOG update, SanchoNet was built to deploy the governance features recommended in the CIP-1694.

For the uninitiated, CIP-1694 is the latest improvement proposal co-authored by top community members, including Charles Hoskinson, for authorization. As reported, the community held workshops in July to discuss the proposal. Notably, the IOG report in question submitted that an update had been posted regarding the CIP-1694 Edinburgh workshop.

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To safeguard nodes joining the Cardano network, the networking team activated the so-called “bootstrap peers.” This component is to be monitored collectively by the IOG, Emurgo, and Cardano Foundation.

Cardano Wallets and Smart Contracts

On Cardano-based wallets and services, it bears noting that  Lace v.1.4 was introduced earlier this week. While this updated version of the Lace wallet introduced many new features, it addressed the issues of bugs previously encountered on the app.

The report further disclosed that developers also worked on improving Plutus. Plutus is Cardano’s smart contract platform, enabling Dapps to be deployed on the decentralized proof-of-stake blockchain. In particular, it noted that the Plutus team focused on adding the final sidechain features to the so-called Marconi.

Recall that Mithril, a stake-based protocol, was launched in the Cardano mainnet in July. This technological upgrade addressed the extended node-synchronization time on the network. However, a bug in the protocol caused the aggregator to produce corrupted archives. Accordingly, the latest Cardano development update revealed that this bug has been fixed.

On these grounds, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson recently touted the blockchain’s growth, citing community strength and real adoption as the key drivers.

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