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Ethereum Founder Says XRP is Completely Centralized and Still Considered as Crypto


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Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin says XRP is completely centralized but still listed as a crypto asset on CoinMarketCap. 

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Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has continued to shade XRP, the fifth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. In a video making the rounds on X, Buterin said XRP is still completely centralized.  

Buterin made the remark while highlighting some qualifications crypto projects must have to be part of the space. According to Buterin, crypto projects do not need decentralization while making reference to IOTA and XRP. 

“Has IOTA gotten rid of their coordinator yet? Like XRP, they are still completely centralized,” he remarked. 

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He added that XRP is still listed on CoinMarketCap as a crypto asset, despite being “completely centralized.” 

XRP Claims Bitcoin and Ethereum Are Chinese-Controlled Assets 

It bears mentioning that Buterin consistently used XRP instead of Ripple in most parts of the interview. For instance, Buterin stated that XRP has yet to apologize for writing to the United States government, asking the authorities to favor it over Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Buterin said XRP informed the government that Bitcoin and Ethereum are Chinese-controlled assets. 

“I think [XRP] have not apologized for writing documents to the US government basically saying that they should be favored over Bitcoin and Ethereum because both are China controlled,” he said. 

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XRP Community Reacts

Buterin’s comments have stirred reactions from XRP community members. Top XRP enthusiast Riz.XRP, who shared the video, said there is no reward for making comments capable of killing XRP and other crypto projects outside Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Other XRP enthusiasts shared instances to prove that ETH is more centralized than XRP. 

Another community member speculated that Buterin could end up in jail for his involvement in the Hinman saga. 

It is worth noting that XRP enthusiasts had previously slammed Buterin over his derogatory comments against XRP and Ripple. 

Last year, Buterin urged Ethereum enthusiasts not to come to Ripple’s defense in its legal battle against the SEC. According to Buterin, XRP lost its right to protection after it claimed that Ethereum is China-controlled. 

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