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Hundreds of Projects Building on Shibarium Revealed


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A Shiba Inu community member drops an exciting update, revealing the numerous projects building on the much-awaited Shibarium network. 

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The hype surrounding Shibarium has heightened massively as the mainnet launch of the layer-2 scaling solution edges closer. This rising interest in Shibarium is due to its promise for the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

In a recent disclosure, a renowned Shiba Inu community member Kuro revealed the numerous projects building on Shibarium. 

The Japan-based SHIB proponent posted a backdrop image displaying hundreds of project logos. Accordingly, the pseudonymous user implied that these projects are developing solutions on the L2 network.

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Builders on Shibarium
Image Source: https://twitter.com/kuro_9696_9696/status/1691483805969006592

The impressive adoption of the upcoming L2 network could be because of the unique features and design of Shibaruim. It bears noting that the scaling solution is built to reduce gas fees and make transactions more efficient for the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

The Thursday tweet elicited excitement among community members. However, the operator of the Unification validator quickly explained the exemption of the Unification logo on the backdrop to address potential reactions from community members. Ringoshi Toitsu noted that Unification is building Shibarium and not building “on” Shibarium.  

Meanwhile, Toitsu’s reactions come shortly after he criticized the Shiba Inu Ecosystem X account handler for only flaunting the Bad Idea AI. He noted that other Shiba Inu partners should be publicized too. 

Shibarium Adoption

While Shibarium is yet to land on the mainnet, numerous projects have expressed their interest and support for the L2 solution. 

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One such project is NOWNodes, a Blockchain-as-a-Solution (BaaS) company. As reported by The Crypto Basic, NOWNodes confirmed that it would provide node services on Shibarium. 

This increasing adoption of the Shiba Inu scaling solution tallies Lucie’s statement regarding projects coming into the canine-themed token ecosystem. In particular, the SHIB marketing specialist said hundreds of projects would join the project ecosystem courtesy of Shibarium. 

As reported, the prominent community influencer submitted that the ecosystem would go beyond SHIB, BONE, and LEASH. 

Accordingly, community members speculate that this expansion would positively impact SHIB’s price. Amid the anticipation, the highly-awaited Shibarium network is expected to go live on the mainnet today.

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