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Shiba Inu Says “Big Things Are Coming,” Flaunts Latest Partner


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The Shiba Inu team reiterates that massive advancements would soon hit the SHIB ecosystem, citing its partnership with Bad Idea AI.

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The Summer of Shibarium, the final phase before the mainnet deployment of the Shiba Inu layer-2 scaling solution is underway. Amid the ongoing celebratory campaign, the Shiba Inu team has sparked interest and conversation in the community. 

The team recently reaffirmed that remarkable developments would touch down the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Expected to happen in the coming months, the team cited its partnership with the Bad Idea AI project. 

“Big things are coming,” the Saturday tweet read, eliciting mixed reactions from community members. Notably, the Shiba Inu team withheld details of these expected developments. 

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As widely speculated, the Shibarium mainnet launch is the key to this projected massive ecosystem expansion. 

Early Bitcoin adopter Davinci Jeremie joined in these floating speculations last week, submitting that big things could happen for Shiba Inu if the L2 network functions effectively. 

Proponents could also draw clues on these “big things” from previous updates. First, the SHIB marketing connoisseur Lucie submitted that hundreds of projects would soon be onboarded into the Shiba Inu ecosystem. 

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As stated by her, this is expected to occur post-mainnet launch of Shibarium. Lucie recently shared a thrilling update, confirming three incoming partnerships outlined by Shytoshi Kusama. 

The Shiba Inu lead noted that the first partnership involved bringing influential advisors to the ecosystem. While he withheld details of the third partnership, Kusama said the second is centered on technology and social progress. 

Shiba Inu Community Reacts

While the latest update sparked excitement, some community members frowned at the Shiba Inu team for flaunting its newest partner alone. Recall that Bad Idea AI became the official partner of Shiba Inu last month. 

Since then, the team has been showcasing the partnership. As reported last week, Kusama submitted that the project has a vital role in the anticipated expansion of the Shiba Inu ecosystem. 

In light of this, one community member said other Shiba Inu partner projects should also be publicized, not just the AI-focused project. Another concurred, stating that no other partner projects have been shilled recently by the Shiba Inu team besides BAD.

Chiming into the discussion, Unification validator operator Ringoshi Tōitsu claimed the Shiba Inu official X account handler is biased. Frowning at the low appreciation for the Shiba Inu-Unification partnership, Tōitsu submitted that the SHIB team seems to dislike the Unification project or holds a grudge against the team.

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