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Wall Street Expert Identifies Life-Changing XRP Buying Opportunity at $0.6


Wall Street veteran Linda Jones recently identified a life-changing buying opportunity for XRP, imploring investors to seize the chance.

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In a recent tweet, a prominent financial analyst, Linda P. Jones, unveiled the bullish call she offered to her VIP Experience members regarding XRP.

Jones had made resolute statements that whoever is not investing in XRP at $0.6 may have themselves to blame when the prices are higher.

The financial analyst proclaimed: 

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“if you’re not investing in XRP at $0.60, XDC at $0.06, ALGO at $0.10, XLM at $0.1, don’t come crying to me when they are higher!” 

XRP at $0.6 Is Life-changing

Furthermore, Jones urged investors to make up their minds and avoid looking for an absolute bottom before investing in XRP. She argued that the prices at which the highlighted digital assets currently trade are life-changing prices that may not resurface.

While Jones maintained an open mind that the price could get lower, she believes the current prices carry less risk. The financial expert contended that XRP would be much more expensive in about two years. In her words:

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“The least amount of risk is when prices are low, which is NOW. Could they go lower? Yes. So what? They will likely be a LOT higher in 2 years or sooner.”

Jones further emphasized that allowing XRP to exceed $0.6 without hopping on the bus would be a missed opportunity.

“Don’t miss this opportunity because I can’t do anything for you if you don’t buy LOW!”

Notably, the Wall Street expert has been one of the leading voices regarding the outlook for Ripple’s projected IPO. As The Crypto Basic reported, she specifically argued that Ripple going public would be best when XRP is low-priced.

XRP Outlook

Meanwhile, prominent crypto analysts have issued varying price targets for XRP. Yet, the common trend has been that XRP is projected above $1. The Crypto Basic recently estimated how many XRP tokens an investor may hold to attain the XRP millionaire class when the bull season emerges.

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