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How Much XRP Do You Need To Make $1M, $5M or $10M, If XRP Hits $5?


Experts have argued XRP will hit and surpass $5, potentially making significant holders millionaires.

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The XRP community has been longing for when XRP holders will mostly turn into millionaires. Some proponents have placed their bets on multiple factors, including the regulatory outcome, bull market, Ripple business operations, and more.

For instance, when Ripple’s CTO commented on the potential of XRP being a Reserve Currency, an XRP enthusiast exclaimed:

“Are we all gonna be RICH?!”

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Meanwhile, careful investment strategies need to be in place to harness the benefits of the projected propelling factors. Among the strategies is the amount of XRP tokens to hold should XRP hit some of the widely forecasted price points.

XRP at $5, How Much Is Needed to Make $1M?

As The Crypto Basic reported last month, top crypto figures have expressed their views about XRP reaching $5. While they mostly believe it was possible, the experts agree it would be no easy feat.

Notably, to know the amount of XRP to hold to become a millionaire, one needs to consider the targeted XRP value against the anticipated value lump sum. In this case, $5 against $1 million.

Mathematically, this gives 200,000 XRP. In other words, one must hold at least 200k XRP to enjoy a millionaire status when XRP hits $5.

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Based on XRP’s current trading price of $0.626, it costs $125,200 to acquire 200k XRP. While $125k is a bit pricey, the coveted $1 million implies one’s XRP investment would have grown over 800%.

How Much XRP Will Birth for $5M or $10M?

Similarly, $5,000,000 divided by $5 amounts to 1,000,000 XRP. This one million unit will require an initial investment of $626,000. Also, to get $10,000,000, one needs to hold two million XRP tokens. This figure requires an investment of over $1,252,000 now that XRP trades at $0.626.

Interestingly, out of the nearly five million XRP wallets, people holding above one million XRP tokens are about 2,000, as The Crypto Basic reported

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