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Here Are 28 Global Businesses Accepting XRP As Payment


In a recent update, the prominent crypto payment gateway BitPay spotlighted the numerous stores and merchants that accept XRP as payment.

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BitPay particularly highlighted 28 firms at which XRP investors can spend XRP in exchange for their desired goods and services.

Notably, the 28 businesses represent BitPay’s merchants. BitPay noted XRP’s swift four-second settlement time as a factor drawing merchants to accept the digital asset as payment. 

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Precious Metal Stores

Auragentum GmbH, APMEX, and Sharps Pixley are three leading brokers for precious metals that acknowledge XRP payment.

Auragentum GmbH is a German-based firm, while APMEX represents American Precious Metals Exchange. Likewise, Sharps Pixley is a British firm established in 1957. BitPay also mentioned Stacks Bowers as a currency-based business that accepts XRP.

Entertainment Firms

AMC Theatres, Gamesplanet, Prepaid Gamer Online, and Play-Asia.com are some of the top businesses which accept XRP in exchange for movies, games, and other amusement products. Notably, CryptoTurismo is a tourist business where XRP is tenable.

Flight and Automobile Businesses

Furthermore, BitPay noted that the airline business AirBaltic accepts XRP. Similarly, O’Gara Coach dealing in automobiles, acknowledges XRP payment.

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Luxury Brands

BitPay listed multiple luxury brands that consider XRP a worthy payment instrument. It includes Marc Gebauer Lifestyle GmbH, Jomashop, Ace Jewelers, Hublot, O’Gara Coach, Beliani, PacSun, Wrist Aficionado, and Stephen Silver Fine Jewelers.

Particularly, Ace, Hublot, Stephen Silver, and Jomashop offer designer-based watches and jewelry for which XRP can be paid in exchange. Also, PacSun offers men, women, and kids’ clothing which can be bought with XRP. 

Hosting Sites

Namecheap and Hawk Host are the few domain name registrars and hosting services providers accepting XRP. 

Health Care Provider

BitPay listed the American Cancer Society, a non-profit organization, as the health-based firm accepting XRP payment. However, BitPay stated that redeeming gift cards using XRP is for South Africans.

Gadget Firms

Scan Computers, Newegg, and HOSTKEY B.V. are firms dealing in computer hardware and software services accepting XRP. Meanwhile, Ledger, a producer of crypto hardware, takes XRP payments.

Bitpay also mentioned the crypto trading bot service Cryptohopper B.V. as supporting over 70 digital assets, including XRP.

Food Business

Takeaway.com was the only BitPay merchant in the food category that was mentioned to accept XRP.

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