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With XRP Below $0.5, Here’s How Much You Need to Make $1M if XRP Hits $3.3, $6.11, $12.8, or $26.4


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XRP recently plummeted below the $0.5 psychological threshold, leading market watchers to identify an opportunity to procure the asset at a discount.

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XRP’s fall below $0.50 triggered bearish sentiments among investors. XRP collapsed to a three-month low of $0.4226 on August 17. Despite the bearishness, market analysts propose that the decline could be leveraged to procure more XRP at a discount.

This idea stems from confidence among analysts that the asset will eventually recover. Notably, some market watchers project an imminent rally to recover the previous all-time high at $3.31.

In addition, when asked about XRP’s price potential, AI Chatbot Google Bard set up price projections of $6.11 in 2024, $12.8 in 2027, and $26.4 in 2030. How much would investors need to commit at the recent low to make $1 million if XRP hits any of the price targets?

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XRP’s previous all-time high value remains a topic of debate. However, TradingView data puts the value at $3.31. At $3.31, 302,114 XRP would be worth $1 million.

Interestingly, investors could amass the 302,114 XRP with $127,673 at the low price of $0.4226. This represents a 683% return on investment (ROI). However, at XRP’s current price of $0.5056, the 302,114 tokens would go for $152,748.

XRP at $6.11

XRP could make millionaires out of investors if it hits the $6.11 price projected by Google Bard for 2024. Should this price materialize, 163,666 XRP would have a value of $1 million.

An investor could procure these 163,666 tokens at $69,165 when XRP was trading at $0.4226. However, at XRP’s current value, investors must commit $82,520 to amass these tokens.

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XRP at $12.8

Google Bard’s $12.8 price target is one of the most ambitious projections for XRP in 2027. However, some proponents believe the asset could hit an even higher price. At $12.8, only 78,125 XRP would be worth $1 million.

A market participant who leveraged the recent low of $0.4226 could have gotten these 78,125 tokens at $33,015. Nonetheless, the tokens can currently go for $39,500 at XRP’s current price.

XRP at $26.4

If XRP claims a $26.4 price in 2027, as projected by Bard, an investor would only need to hold 37,878 XRP to sit on a $1 million investment. 

These 37,878 tokens could be procured with $16,007 at XRP’s recent three-month low of $0.4226. However, despite the increase in value, these tokens are still worth less than $1 million, valued at $19,151 at XRP’s current price.

While these estimates provide an attractive picture, it is essential to note that there is no guarantee that they will materialize. As a result, investors should seek guidance from qualified financial advisors before making any investment decisions.

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