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$14.5T Into Digital Assets, Wall Street Expert Says Selling XRP Now is Like Selling Microsoft, Apple Stock in Early Days


XRP Selling Now Like Selling Microsoft, Apple Stock in Their Early Phases, Advises Expert as $14.5 trillion investment may enter into Digital Assets.

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Some of the largest financial institutions have projected that the digital asset market could see a $14.5 trillion investment in the coming years. Prominent figures in the XRP community believe that XRP is posed to take a substantial share of the fund.

Linda Jones, a pro-XRP Wall Street financial analyst, is one of such people. In a recent tweet, Jones expressed that selling XRP now could be akin to selling the stock of Microsoft and Apple in its early days.

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$14.5 Trillion Into Digital Assets

Jones shared her bullish view after an XRP analyst shared details of a document from HSBC Bank and Northern Trust, two global financial services firms.

In the document, the firms stated that all assets will be worth $145.5 trillion by 2025. They then predicted that digital assets would command up to 10% of that value, amounting to $14.5 trillion.

Interestingly, the Wall Street financial expert agreed with this figure. She believes the money will truly follow in and reward those holding valuable digital assets like XRP handsomely.

Jones expressed that people investing now are much early as prices are still much low. In her words:

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“Yes, the numbers are that big ($14.5 T). The money will flow digitally, and you own a very valuable asset. You are early, not wrong.

Furthermore, Jones likened the situation to early investors of the current industry titans who held their stocks through tough days. The financial analyst asked rhetorically: “If you knew you owned the next Microsoft or Apple stock, would you be in a rush to sell in its early days?”

XRP Like Microsoft and Apple Stocks

According to information from the Microsoft site, the company went public in 1986, offering $21 per share. The stock has since grown to be worth over $300. Similarly, Apple went public in 1980, offering $22 per share. The stock is now worth $174.49.

Experts have argued that XRP could follow a similar trajectory. Based on varying factors, including Ripple going public, they believe XRP will be in double digits in the coming years.

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