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Fourth Annual Bitget KCGI Tournament To Include Tesla ATV, Airbus Helicopter In Prize Pool


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Leading crypto derivatives and copy trading platform Bitget will host the 2023 King’s Cup Global Invitational (KCGI), which is celebrating its fourth year running with an array of engaging contests.

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The Contests and Prizes in KCGI 2023

The 2023 KCGI begins on Aug 18 and will debut Bitget’s spot trading contest. Other competitions will follow, including demo trading, futures copy trading, and futures trading contests. 

International traders will have the chance to win a piece of the massive 2,650,000 USDT prize pool, 5,000 USDT in demo assets (for inviting their friends to register), a Tesla Cyberquad ATV, and an Airbus H135 helicopter. These prizes are available through multiple events, including a roulette game and a live roulette session.

Bitget is Creating a New Age of Smart Trading

The launch of KCGI signifies Bitget’s dedication to promoting smarter trading practices. As traders immerse themselves in the event, they can use Bitget’s platform to interact with many of the event’s activities. Bitget features numerous innovative tools, ranging from social trading to instructional guides, to ensure its users are well-equipped for the crypto world.

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“As we gear up for KCGI 2023, we are thrilled to present traders worldwide with an exceptional opportunity to showcase their skills and compete for the most remarkable prize pool we ever have. At Bitget, we believe in fostering a dynamic and diverse cryptocurrency exchange, and KCGI represents another step towards achieving that vision,” said Bitget Managing Director Gracy Chen. “With an exciting lineup of contests, including spot trading, futures, and copy trading, we invite participants to join us in this trading extravaganza and experience the smarter trading journey that Bitget offers. We look forward to witnessing the enthusiasm and talent of our global trading community as we embark on this exhilarating journey together.”

The platform’s Web3 wallet has reached 20 million registered users since its 2018 launch. Over 110,000 traders are currently sharing their trading strategies on the platform, with 540,000 active users utilizing these tactics and wisdom. The launch of copy trading has helped the platform grow further still, with Bitget closing the first half of 2023 with $74 million in profits and 169,800 new users. 

Celebrating Five Years of Bitget

As Bitget marks its fifth year in operation, the company is introducing initiatives and collaborations beyond just KCGI. One of the most anticipated events is September’s EmpowerX Summit in Singapore, which brings crypto experts and aficionados together to engage in insightful dialogues, foster industry connections, and build personal networks.

True to its “trade smarter” mantra, Bitget is amid a major rebranding. This endeavor underscores Bitget’s dedication to equipping traders with intelligently crafted tools, reflecting its unwavering commitment to evolution, innovation, and a customer-focused approach in the ever-growing crypto world.

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