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9,222% XRP ROI: Comparing Value of $100 Invested in XRP 10 Years Ago with Tesla, Apple, Microsoft, and Visa


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XRP boasts an impressive return on investment (ROI) that massively trumps the returns of most tech giants over the past ten and eight years.

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While the stocks of most tech giants, including Tesla (TSLA), Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT) and Visa (V), have witnessed massive rates of appreciation over the last decade, XRP has outperformed these assets by a mile within the same period.

Jon Erlichman, renowned TV personality and Senior Anchor at Bloomberg, recently took to X (formerly Twitter) to call attention to the returns on investment (ROI) of the largest tech giants over the past ten years.

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Notably, Tesla boasts the highest return on Erlichman’s list, with a 2,189% ROI in ten years. Apple saw an appreciation of 992%, while Microsoft soared by 944%. Visa saw a 543% increase within the same timeframe. Data from TradingView corroborates these claims.

How XRP Compares

However, despite the legal pressure from the SEC lawsuit and the lack of ample regulation in the crypto scene, XRP witnessed a much greater rate of appreciation than these tech behemoths.

Ten years ago, XRP was changing hands at $0.00558. XRP saw this value during the last week of August 2013. Following a series of highs and lows, XRP is trading for $0.5202 as of press time.

XRP’s current value indicates that the asset appreciated 9,222% over the past decade. As a result, $100 invested in XRP in August 2013 would be worth $9,222 at current prices.

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At this figure, XRP’s appreciation rate is 321% higher than Tesla’s ($2,189), 829% more than Apple’s ROI ($992), 876% higher than Microsoft’s ($944) and over 1,598% greater than Visa’s returns ($543). This reality underscores the resilience of XRP in the face of market turbulence and regulatory uncertainty.

Year Comparison

A comparison of the same asset classes over the past eight years also reveals some interesting figures. Notably, as of August 28, 2015, Tesla traded for $16.10, Apple changed hands at $27.89, Microsoft traded for $43.10, while Visa saw a value of $71.60.

Tesla is currently trading for $238, translating to an increase of 1,378% since August 2015. Apple has surged by 538% over the same period, at a current value of $178. Meanwhile, Microsoft is up 649%, with a value of $322.89, while Visa has seen a 237% increase since then, trading for $242.

At this rate, $100 invested in Tesla in August 2015 would be worth $1,378 today, while $100 invested in Apple would amount to $538. An investment of the same amount in Visa would yield $237 today. Furthermore, a $100 investment in Microsoft eight years ago would be worth $649 today.

Interestingly, XRP changed hands at $0.00742 on August 28, 2015. At the current rate of $0.5202, XRP has witnessed a massive 6,910% increase since then. Accordingly, a $100 investment in XRP in August 2015 would be worth $6,910 today.

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