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If $0.60 Not Conquered Soon, XRP Could Fall to $0.41 Before Starting Bullish Rally: Analysis


A top analyst believes XRP must reclaim $0.6 to solidify confidence in the recent decline being the bottom. Otherwise, a short-term decline to $0.41 is possible.

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EGRAG CRYPTO, a prominent market technical analysis resource, recently shared the possible scenarios for XRP’s price. Particularly, EGRAG weighed in on XRP from a short-term analysis perspective based on XRP’s daily time frame.

Moreover, EGRAG sought to establish whether XRP’s recent decline to $0.4346 represented its absolute bottom before the next significant bull rally. 

Is $0.4346 XRP’s Bottom?

In the recent tweet, the analyst argued that XRP must re-enter a previous channel it traded in and close slightly above the value to be confident about the low point. EGRAG specifically mentioned that XRP must regain the $0.6 pivotal price point. He believes XRP closing above $0.6 and $0.67 will create assurance for the end of its bottom.

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The statement read:

“To solidify confidence in the recent decline being the bottom, it’s paramount that XRP re-enters the Channel and achieves a closing price above the pivotal marks of 0.60c and 0.67c.”

Notably, XRP trades at $0.5256, with barely any significant gain in the last 24 hours. Reclaiming $0.6 would require a 14.13% growth. Meanwhile, the analyst noted that XRP failing to meet $0.6 would imply a short-term bearish trend. 

According to EGRAG, the projected short-term decline will see XRP pull back to $0.43. A fall to $0.41 was also within possibility. Nonetheless, the analyst stated that XRP hitting these low values will cement the foundation for the next bullish move.

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“… a pullback to the range of 0.41-0.43c remains viable, potentially establishing the foundation for the next upward move.”

XRP May fall to $0.41
Image source: https://twitter.com/egragcrypto/status/169676703598263919

Crypto Community Reacts

Meanwhile, EGRAG’s technical analysis of XRP attracted varied sentiments among crypto market participants. While some agreed, others believed the crash to $0.41 may hit hard on the crypto market.

A commenter argued that XRP reaching around $0.40 would imply that Bitcoin (BTC) crashed to $21,000. Similarly, an XRP enthusiast highlighted that the dynamics are not as simple as EGRAG presented.

The enthusiast stressed that the previous drop to $0.43 resulted from high leverage and cascading liquidations. This commenter believes presenting that specific range as an actual low might not fully capture the dynamics at play.

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