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By Using Blockchain To Provide Fair Rewards In P2E, Everybody Wins


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GameFi is the catch-all term for the industry of “play-to-earn” video games, and has played a key role in the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies in the last few years. Hit games like Axie Infinity introduced the concept of “native tokens” and crypto wallets to gaming, enabling players to earn financial rewards as they progress through the game, complete challenges and win against rivals.

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Given the incentives on offer, it’s not surprising that P2E games have become very popular, attracting many users. For many gamers, the promise of getting paid for playing games sounds like a dream come true. But as with many new concepts in the crypto world, getting involved can also be a risky business.

The rise of the P2E gaming world has coincided with a growing number of hacks and scams, with new users who may be inexperienced with crypto being targeted by some very smart cybercriminals. At the same time, many P2E games have been criticized for their unstable tokenomics, which see the value of rewards gradually decrease over time.

Dangers Of P2E Games

While some P2E games are free to play, the reality is that most are not. Players are required to make an upfront investment to acquire a non-fungible token, or NFT, that allows them to access in-game rewards. In many games, such as Axie Infinity, the NFTs are essentially unique game characters with individual attributes and characteristics. They entitle players to start playing and earning rewards, and they can cost anything from a few dollars to over $1,000.

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The most rewarding and popular P2E games all require an initial investment to start playing, and it will usually take several weeks of hard slogging to recoup the initial outlay, let alone start making a profit.

Worse still, it’s quite possible that players may never recoup their investment. First, there’s the danger of joining the wrong game, which could be an outright scam, and second, even if the game is legitimate, players could join at the wrong time, just as the value of its native crypto token begins to depreciate.

Such risks are inevitable because the vast majority of P2E games, while built on the blockchain, do not take advantage of one of the most valuable resources the decentralized world has to offer. They fail to use smart contracts to hide and prevent unauthorized access to blockchain game rewards.

How LandRocker Differs

It’s therefore reassuring to know that some projects are aiming to change this, adopting smart contracts to handle both the rewards and validation to ensure rewards are paid out fairly.

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In an Op-Ed for CoinDesk, TallyUP CEO Jason White argues that P2E games must ensure rewards are distributed in a completely fair and transparent way. After all, players are competing for finite resources, and if the playing field is not level they’ll be unlikely to keep coming back.

This is where LandRocker stands out with a novel reward distribution system where fairness is guaranteed by its underlying blockchain, taking the concept of GameFi up a notch. LandRocker is a sci-fi-themed P2E game that’s focused on discovery and space exploration. Players are tasked with exploring the galaxy and different planets, where they can launch mining missions and try to locate valuable resources including NFTs, cryptocurrency tokens and other materials. At the center of this is the player’s Rover, which is an NFT with unique attributes. The stronger the player’s Rover is, the faster they can collect rewards.

LandRocker offers multiple gameplay experiences to appeal to every type of gamer. It consists of elements such as exploration, strategy and rewards, and involves intense PvP battles, high-speed races, strategic last-man-standing showdowns, captivating city conquests, resource-rich material hunts, thrilling rover battles, and immersive exploration quests.

Besides its mixed gameplay, what really sets LandRocker apart is the way it uses blockchain as the foundation of its reward distribution and validation system, ensuring each player is rewarded fairly. With LandRocker, crypto and NFT rewards are secretly distributed across various planets in a secure way via smart contracts. This means the reward locations are entirely random and unpredictable, unknown even to the game’s developers. In this way, LandRocker is uniquely able to guarantee fair reward distribution with full transparency, free from the risk of corruption and insider theft.

Boosting The Appeal Of P2E

Because P2E gaming is still a relatively new concept, there’s inevitably going to be a level of risk involved as the earliest pioneers attempt to come up with a tokenomics model and distribution system that’s both fair and balanced. Yet there’s no denying the unique appeal for gamers who seek that winning combination of high-quality gameplay and financial incentive.

With its unique, blockchain based rewards distribution and validation model, LandRocker is setting the trend for a GameFi space where everybody can be a winner, and every other game can follow.

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