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Financial Coach Shares Strategies for XRP Investors to Become Millionaires


Prominent money coach shares strategies for XRP investors to become millionaires, including saving $3 a day and investing in XRP for the long term.

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Coach JV, the CEO of 3T Warrior Academy, recently shared strategies for XRP investors to become millionaires. In a recently posted video to X, JV noted that he was sharing the techniques he used to fight his previous financial predicament. 

In the clip, JV mentioned his upcoming book detailing his blueprint for a financial breakthrough. He noted it would be a free PDF file. While he clarified that his words do not constitute financial advice, he noted that the book contained the steps he took in the last five years to attain his current feat.

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In his words:

“It’s not what you think. The strategies that I use are for generational wealth. We are not focused on the short term we are focused on the long term.”

Coach JV’s Strategy

The financial coach revealed a significant shift in his investment strategy over time. He first highlighted the common misconception that becoming a millionaire in crypto automatically leads to financial security. 

Coach JV stressed that without a strong financial foundation and proper money management, individuals could find themselves in the same precarious situation even after achieving crypto success. 

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Moreover, he said crypto now represents only a small portion of his diversified portfolio. He explained that he plans to exit the market when it experiences a parabolic rise, which he anticipates in 2024 to 2025. 

Interestingly, the financial coach claimed to draw inspiration from legendary investor Warren Buffett. He urged viewers to consider small daily savings, such as cutting out energy drinks. He believes the fund can accumulate over time to provide a substantial investment fund.

Buy XRP Gradually

Additionally, Coach JV provided a practical example of investing in XRP. He said;

“Save $3 a day, and in 10 days, you have $30. In 20 or 30 days, you have $60. Do the math, guys. That’s $60 you can put into XRP every single month. That would be like $90 to $100 you can put into XRP every single month.”

Furthermore, Coach JV emphasized the importance of looking beyond XRP’s short-term price fluctuations. He mentioned that when the market experiences parabolic growth, he plans to maintain 50% of his portfolio in XRP while liquidating the remaining 50%.

Moreover, he cited SBI Holdings’ latest move to use XRP as a remittance currency in Asian countries.

In terms of broader crypto investment, Coach JV advised viewers to select a few digital assets and other investments. He emphasized that it is crucial to act counter to the crowd.

Moreover, Coach JV encouraged listeners to assess their expenses and make necessary lifestyle changes. He also cited reducing unnecessary car payments. 

According to him, “If you’re driving a $700 car with a $700 car payment, and you make $30,000 a year, that makes zero sense. Get rid of it.”

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