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Expert Fuels Speculation of Major Financial Giants Exploring XRP Alongside Bitcoin


Wall Street financial veteran Linda Jones recently drew the public’s attention to a rumor about US-based financial giants considering XRP alongside their Bitcoin pursuit.

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In a recent tweet, a prominent figure in the XRP community, “WallStreetBulls” disclosed that rumors are supposedly circulating regarding tech behemoths such as BlackRock reevaluating their cryptocurrency strategies. 

Specifically, WallStreetBulls mentioned that the preeminent firms are reviewing their positions on Bitcoin. He added that the reexamination process includes the financial giants considering alternative digital assets like XRP.

In response to the tweet, Linda Jones gave credibility to the speculation. She remarked, “It has to happen, eventually.”

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XRP Community Reacts

However, some other members of the XRP community shared opposing views regarding the update Jones vouched for. 

X user Primo argued that while the information seemed likely given XRP’s supposed superior use case, there was no reputable source behind the information. 

Furthermore, Primo alleged that the XRP influencer that promulgated the rumor was just after engagements. He expressed disapproval that Jones helped him achieve his desired objectives. 

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“Dude in it for engagements, and you gave him some props. We don’t need this right now,” Primo remarked.

Meanwhile, when questioned about the authority behind the rumor, WallStreetBulls cited an article Forbes published last month. The article’s title read: “Leak Reveals BlackRock’s Game-Changing Bitcoin Plan That Could Cause Price Chaos For Ethereum, XRP And Crypto.”

However, the cited article did not shed light on the claim that BlackRock could be reevaluating its Bitcoin stance to consider XRP. Instead, the piece largely referenced the opinions of Mike Novogratz, Galaxy Digital’s CEO, about BlackRock’s ETF move.

Moreover, the XRP community pointed out the weakness of the source to the poster. Many consider it misleading that he termed the update breaking news only to reference a dated article as the source.

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