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Wall Street Veteran Says Ripple ‘Proper Party’ is not About XRP Price


Wall Street veteran Jones believes the Ripple “Proper Party” is not just about the price of XRP but a celebration of the removal of legal shackles from Ripple and XRP.

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Wall Street financial expert Linda P. Jones has taken to X to express her view on the coming XRP party, commemorating the significant regulatory triumph against the US securities regulator.

Jones expressed her enthusiasm about the coming event, which Ripple named the ‘Proper Party.’ The Wall Street veteran noted that the celebration would be epic. In her words, 

“I think the ProperParty is going to be epic! If you are attending, I think it will be totally worth it, and you’ll be glad you did.”

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Moreover, Jones counseled those bothered about XRP’s price, stressing that the celebration transcends the value of XRP.

She expressed that it is primarily about celebrating the removal of regulatory constraints. She noted that the freedom Ripple and XRP now have will afford them the bright future awaiting them.

Also, Jones highlighted the opportunity to meet physically and connect with the vibrant XRP community members. 

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“The frosting will be meeting the incredible people in the XRP community,” she remarked. 

Ultimately, Jones expressed gratitude to Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, and the entire Ripple team. She thanked them for their enthusiasm, means, and dedication in organizing the celebration. 

Ripple Proper Party

As The Crypto Basic reported, Ripple is hosting a Proper Party to rejoice over the victory judgment the US court granted on July 13. The celebration is two weeks away, slated for September 29. It will be at the heart of the New York City.

Furthermore, Ripple recently provided further details about the party. It created a website accepting registrations for persons interested in the party. Ripple has clarified that it is a free registration requiring no fees.

Notably, attendees must register with their legal name, as no crypto alias is permitted. Additionally, the party is open to ages 21 and above. A government-issued ID must be tendered for verification before admission into the event. 

At the time of reporting, the second window for reservation is closed. 

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