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Pundit Says Currency Reset Needed for XRP to Break $50, Dismisses $10,000 Forecasts


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Prominent media personality and XRP enthusiast Zach Rector expressed skepticism that XRP could hit $10,000, noting that a currency reset is necessary for the asset to even break $50.

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According to Rector, a crucial prerequisite for astronomical price surges to such a level is a Currency Reset and Debt Restructuring. Rector’s recent sentiment has triggered varied responses from the XRP community.

A Currency Reset is an economic measure where a global entity reevaluates and potentially alters the value or peg of its currency in relation to other currencies or assets. 

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On the other hand, Debt Restructuring involves modifying the terms of existing debt agreements, often to alleviate financial strain. Both these actions have far-reaching implications.

Rector asserts that these actions would be necessary for XRP to register any meteoric rise. However, the media personality holds a more conservative estimate for when these actions occur, setting a target of $50. 

Responding to Rector’s skepticism, the official X account of the media entity MohFit outlined a belief in the possibility of a $10,000 XRP. 

The viewpoint hinges on a scenario where XRP becomes the favored cross-border payment currency worldwide, facing little to no competition, and substantial tokenization occurs. 

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However, the account acknowledged that this scenario relies heavily on the unpredictable inflation rate and regulatory developments in the United States.

XRP at $10,000

Interestingly, the $10,000 price forecast continues to dominate the XRP community, recently presented by pseudonymous influencer Bitforcoinz. He cited XRP’s potential role as a global bridge currency for CBDCs.

In addition, another notable XRP community influencer, Mack Attack, also made a case for an XRP rally to $10,000. This prediction stemmed from chart analyses carried out by prominent chartists.

Despite these $10,000 projections escalating, most community members have dismissed them, dubbing them mere fantasies. For XRP to hit $10,000, it would need to rally by 1,991,138% from its current price of $0.5022.

It’s essential to note that Zach Rector also championed the idea of a $10,000 XRP on his YouTube channel in December 2021. He delved into XRP’s design and its potential to handle trillions of dollars in daily transactions.

Rector presented a whiteboard explanation, proposing scenarios where XRP could reach four, five, or even six-digit values over the next decade. 

His calculations were based on XRP’s role in settling payments in Swift, a major player in international transactions. While Rector’s $10,000 XRP forecast garnered attention, he acknowledged then that the projections were speculative and not financial advice.

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