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Should You Buy Ripple Stock or Invest in XRP? Experts Weigh In


Panos Mekras, the author of “Understanding the Crypto Economy,” recently sparked a discussion on investment options between Ripple stock and XRP.

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Taking to X, Mekras offered a perspective on the investment option that will prove more fruitful between the two, based on each person’s conviction. 

In particular, the crypto author suggested that individuals with a stronger faith in Ripple and its business model should consider investing in the company’s shares. 

On the other hand, Mekras recommended investing in XRP for those who have more confidence in the XRP ecosystem and the XRP Ledger (XRPL) blockchain.

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He underscored that XRP is a universal cryptocurrency with versatile applications and an open-source technology accessible for anyone to leverage and develop upon.

Crypto Community Reacts

Bill Morgan, a well-known pro-XRP attorney, shared a similar sentiment. Morgan commented that only Ripple itself can directly impact the value of its shares. 

In contrast, he pointed out that the XRPL platform allows unlimited developers to contribute and enhance the value of XRP through various use cases.

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Meanwhile, a Web3 software engineer shared a different belief between the two investment options. The developer argued that, on a long-term scale, Ripple is a safer investment bet. He believes Ripple will become a financial behemoth in the coming years, positively impacting its shares. 

However, he asserted that while an XRP investment has a better chance for high rewards, it constitutes a riskier investment option. Yet, the developer noted he would have acquired Ripple stock and XRP if he were an accredited investor.

Recall that The Crypto Basic recently disclosed how non-accredited investors could acquire Ripple shares. 

Notably, crypto author Mekras agreed with another argument that XRP will offer a better investment return than Ripple shares. He added that Ripple is just one blockchain payment firm compared to the multiple projects coming to build XRP-based solutions.

These discussions surrounding Ripple shares and XRP follow recent conversations in the community that Ripple alone cannot impact the value of XRP.

Crypto Eri, a top figure in the XRP community, has counseled that it is better for those who believe in Ripple to boost XRP’s value to invest in the company’s stock than in XRP.

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