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To Make $1M, $5M, $10M With XRP at $1, Here’s How Much You Need to Accumulate


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As XRP aims to recapture the $1 price threshold, investors continue to speculate the amount required to invest in the asset to secure millions in profit when it hits the target.

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Despite the persistent downturn, analyses from market watchers have bolstered investor confidence in the asset’s capability to claim this price tag. Notably, EGRAG, a prominent analyst, asserted that XRP could scale towards $1 if it overcomes its prevailing woes.

For XRP to claim the $1 price point, the asset would need to surge by 99.2% from its current price of $0.5018. Several industry leaders believe this is an easy feat for the asset, but this remains uncertain. However, should XRP conquer this point, here’s how much required for each ROI target.

$1 Million

For an investor to witness $1 million on their XRP investment when the asset reaches $1, they need to hold 1 million tokens at that price. However, investors can procure these 1 million tokens with $501,800 at XRP’s current price.

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$5 Million

Similarly, should XRP claim the $1 price, an investor holding up to 5 million XRP tokens would see their investment surge to a worth of $5 million. At current prices, these tokens are valued at $2,509,000.

$10 Million

A more significant initial investment is required for investors looking to rake in higher profits of $10 million. Notably, a $10 million investment in XRP would amount to 10 million tokens. Investors can procure these 10 million tokens with $5,018,000 at the current price of $0.5018.

XRP at $1: How Feasible?

Whether a proponent seeks to secure $1,000, $100,000, or $1 million when XRP hits $1, the prevailing concern is how feasible it is for the asset to claim this price point. Most analysts believe a $1 price is an easy task for XRP, but the timeline for a rally to the target remains uncertain.

Recall that XRP almost reclaimed $1 during the meteoric rally it staged on July 13. The asset faced intense resistance at $0.9380 and has continued to face intermittent drops since then.

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XRP is currently looking to seal a position above $1 and leverage the price threshold as support for greater targets. The last time XRP saw $1 was in December 2021. This September makes it 21 months since the asset traded at the much-coveted price zone.

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