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Tangem Showcases Shiba Inu Wallet at Token2049 Event


Shiba Inu community admin Ragnar expresses gratitude as hardware wallet provider Tangem showcases Shiba Inu hardware wallet at Token2049, receiving enthusiastic feedback from attendees.

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In a recent tweet, Tangem, the Shiba Inu-themed hardware wallet provider, announced its participation in Token2049, a premier blockchain event bringing together the brightest minds in the crypto industry. 

This particular Token2049 event took place last week in Singapore, precisely on Wednesday and Thursday. According to Tangem, the gathering served as a platform to further extend its Shiba Inu-themed presence in the Asian market.

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Furthermore, Tangem highlighted that during the event, it received enthusiastic feedback from attendees regarding its Shiba Inu self-custody solution. It mentioned that many expressed admiration for the seedless hardware wallet concept. 

Specifically, the admirers described it as “brilliant and awesome.” Additionally, Tangem noted that the participants were delighted to realize how remarkably easy self-custody could be after connecting.

Moreover, Tangem emphasized that the Token2049 event was an excellent opportunity to engage and network with prominent influencers, top industry players, and prospective collaborators.

“We met with many outstanding bloggers, major companies, and potential partners. Everything went great! Looking forward to seeing you at other venues,” the Tangem remarked.

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Shiba Inu Community Admin Reacts

In response to Tangem’s update, Ragnar Shib, a notable Shiba Inu community administrator, expressed appreciation for Tangem’s participation. He emphasized the significance of their presence in the context of Shiba Inu’s history. 

“And Shib was there making company! Thanks, Tangem team, for being part of Shib history,” Ragnar remarked.

Notably, the collaboration between Tangem and the Shiba Inu community underscores the growing synergy within the crypto space and the increasing recognition of innovative solutions in the industry. 

In the past, the Tangem team organized a giveaway session, generously giving out ten hardware wallets to Shiba Inu enthusiasts. 

As The Crypto Basic reported, a renowned firm has compared Tangem’s Shiba Inu-themed wallet to the offerings of other hardware solution providers. It ultimately gave the win to Tangem.

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